Reading, Writing, and Storytelling with Harry Potter

owl and castle with words: Reading, Writing, and Storytelling With Harry Potter: An Online Educational Adventure for the Young Fan


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If you’re a Harry Potter fan who is also a teacher, and you want to incorporate J.K. Rowling’s works into your lessons in a pedagogically valuable way, we're offering a special section of this course for you. 

Teachers may also be interested in our free seminar on Harry Potter and the Magic of Online Learning. Learn more here.

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UNH is offering a 2-credit summer course that is paired with "Reading Writing and Storytelling with Harry Potter." 

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A special discount applies to UNH employees who register their children.

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Do you like to write fan fiction? Click for infoJoin us in summer 2016!

This program will next be offered in summer 2016. It will not be offered in summer 2015.

Join Professor James Krasner for a 3-week online adventure that uses the Harry Potter series to help students learn about language, writing, history, art, and culture.

For children entering fourth through eighth grade, this dynamic program features rich media and interactive learning.

Price: $149 per student

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James Krasner

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James Krasner, Ph.D.
UNH Professor of English

James Krasner has taught at the University of Pennsylvania (where he received his PhD), at Swarthmore College, Haverford College, Boston College and the University of New Hampshire. He has published scholarly books and articles on Sherlock Holmes, Thomas Hardy, Zora Neale Hurston, and on various other literary and scientific topics.


"Here's my take away from the course. First off it was brilliantly taught at the children's level of understanding. Professor Krasner taught via videos in each section of the course. The array of information he pulled in from a myriad of other sources was phenomenal. 'O' kept mentioning over and over again about how much he was learning. He even mentioned once that he might want to go to University of New Hampshire just to study with Professor Krasner."   --an online parent review. Read the full review.

"...Your course expanded my knowledge in all areas, especially grammar. The writing assignments were very fun. Ginny Unbound was one of my favorites. I love Harry Potter, some of the little quotes you put in the quizzes and lectures were great. Those quotes from the book made me think back to the scene in which it was taking place. Thank you for bringing the course to reality!! Your feedback was very helpful!!   --a student from summer 2013

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Reading, Writing, and Storytelling with Harry Potter is a UNH massive online course for kids, or MOCK, for short. MOCKs are low-cost online enrichment programs for youth intended to help students maintain their learning levels over the summer months (an antidote to the "summer brain drain"), to help sharpen skills for those who may need remedial work, and to offer an educational alternative or supplement to the usual activity-based summer camps. UNH also offers Investigating Homicide, an online academic enrichment program for the aspiring detective in grades 8-11. 

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