COLA Technology Purchases and Policy Guidelines

The College of Liberal Arts provides each full-time, tenure-track faculty member their choice of Lenovo or Mac desktop or laptop to use during their appointment. Your computer is eligible for replacement every six years. 

Who is eligible?

Full-time, tenure-track faculty qualify for this program. At this time, we are unable to accommodate requests for loaners for adjuncts, affiliate professorships, post-doctoral candidates, and graduate students, teaching assistants, staff or workstudy students.

Replacement Requests

After six years in service, our office will contact faculty and guide them through the upgrade cycle. If you are on sabbatical, we will contact you for replacement upon your return. You are welcome to check the age of your hardware by contacting us at Please include your Dell Service Tag, or Mac or Lenovo serial number with the request. 


Each computer replacement purchase has a budget of $1250. Beyond that amount, funding would need to be secured from your department, research account or grant. No personal funds can be used toward the purchase as this is University property and should be returned to our office at the end of its usable life or your departure/retirement from the University. 

Our office will provide one adapter (if required) to connect to classroom projectors. In the event that this hardware is lost or stolen, it is the borrower’s responsibility to provide a replacement. 

If required, you will be issued a CD/DVD player. In the event that this hardware is lost or stolen, it is the owner’s responsibility to provide a replacement. 

Software, preinstalled

At the time of this print, PCs will be issued with 64-bit Windows 10 Education, and Macs will be issued with the latest version of OSX.

Microsoft’s Windows Defender is enabled on PCs and Microsoft’s System Center Endpoint protection is installed on Mac computers.

Microsoft Office 2016 is part of the software bundle that you will receive. You may request Office 365 prior to setup.

The University maintains site licenses for specialty software. To view a list of available packages, click:

Box is the approved cloud file storage/sharing software tool. Your machine will come preinstalled with Box Drive. It is highly recommended that all users make the Box Drive folder their default save location.

If you require software that is not listed above which requires a per-seat cost, we can work with your department to determine if funding is available. 


Each COLA-issued computer is configured for AD domain authentication per USNH Systems Access Policy ( See: 5.7 System Access Control).  You will use your USNH-issued IT account to access this computer. Each owner will be granted administrative rights to install and uninstall software, configure printers, etc. Password resets will require an VPN or Ethernet connection to update your new password.


Should your hardware or software fail, our office is available to schedule a repair.  If the machine requires further diagnostic and repair by an authorized dealer, we will make the necessary arrangements.  A loaner laptop will be provided.


Your computer, if new, was purchased with a minimum of a 3-year hardware warranty.  If any part of your computer becomes unusable (frayed or broken power cord, broken or missing keys, screen flickers), please contact us immediately to schedule a warranty repair.  Please note, Dell batteries are considered consumable with an average life of 3 years, it is not considered a warranty replaceable item unless a manufacturer specifically issues a recall notice. Lenovo has a 12-month warranty on batteries. AppleCare covers faulty batteries within the 3-year warranty period.

Return policy

Each computer must be surrendered at the end of your employment contract. Any peripherals (CD/DVD, VGA/HDMI adapter, power cord, etc.) that was issued with your computer must be returned in working condition. 

Upon surrender, our office will work with you to back up personal data to a device of your choice. We will securely wipe the computer to Department of Defense standards before it is rebuilt and reissued or scrapped.


Liberal Arts Tech Support, 153 Horton SSC, 20 Academic Way, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH 03824  -  Phone: 603-862-0783 – email:

In 2019, the University System of New Hampshire discontinued its relationship with Dell for PC hardware and supplies. A partnership with Connection has been established for the purchase of select Lenovo hardware and peripherals. Liberal Arts Tech Support will continue to support Dell equipment during the warranty period of each device. Additionally, support will be provided throughout the lifecycle of each Dell unit. No new Dell hardware can be purchased per USNH, effective December 2018. All hardware and software purchased using University of New Hampshire funds is university property.  Invoices must be provided to Liberal Arts Tech Support for inventory control.

This policy is necessary because:

  • Liberal Arts Tech Support (COLA Geeks) is not equipped to provide hardware or software support for alternate-brand vendors that do not have an established relationship with the University. 
  • The UNH IT Depot is not equipped to support alternate-brand hardware or software repairs. 
    • The college would be taking a risk if we ordered a computer that is outside of the contracted vendor list UNH holds. 
    • Should the computer owner leave the university before the end of its usable life (typically six years), the computer must be returned to Liberal Arts Tech Support to be securely wiped and reissued within the College. This means the University will become owner to a non-supported computer. 
    • All University of New Hampshire computers must authenticate using a UNH-issued, auditable account per USNH Systems Access Policy. 

Computer purchases must be coordinated through Liberal Arts Tech Support. Departments and individuals shall not use their University-issued purchasing card to place a computer order without prior approval.

  1. Determine safety: Examine your surroundings and if in doubt do not enter the affected area until power has been removed. Amongst other hazards, flooding carries the risk of electric shock which can travel from the source for some distance through standing water or wet carpet.


  2. Immediately notify:
    1. after hours:
      • UNH Police (862-1427) and
      • Facilities After-Hours (862-1437)
    2. during business hours:
  3. Take steps to minimize personal exposure: The department should work with the Dean’s Office and the Registrar to determine alternate locations for classes and work and notify affected students and employees.
  4. Property: After it has been determined that it is safe to do so, the department with assistance should:
    1. Identify an area to store affected items. This area must be:
      • outside the affected area
      • securable, preferably with lock and key
      • well ventilated or capable of supporting fans or dehumidifiers
      • available for a minimum of 48-72 hours
    2. Remove items from affected areas into the secure area
      • power down, disconnect power and remove batteries from electronic items when possible
      • label each item with room number and owner
    3. Maintain a list of items removed from the affected area with:
      • room number
      • owner
      • short description
      • extent of exposure (soaked/wet/damp/humid/dry)
      • serial number
      • whether the property is personal, grant-funded or UNH-funded
      • storage location (secure storage or with employee)
    4. Request that employees removing items from their affected offices update the department on the location and condition of those items 
    5. Ask Liberal Arts Tech Support for an evaluation prior to reapplying power to electronic items from the affected area. Under some circumstances, exposed electronic items can recover after drying for 48-72 hours provided power is not present.
    6. If a classroom or conference room with AV equipment is affected, notify the AV Services Hotline at 862-2467 so they can check the installed equipment.
  5. After the cleanup: 
    1. Review the list to make sure all removed items have been accounted for and record their condition (unexposed, working, damaged, or destroyed).
    2. Provide a list of all damaged or destroyed property to Kevin Sousa.
    3. Provide a list of ALL UNH-funded technology/electronic items from the affected area and their conditions to Liberal Arts Tech Support, even working ones. Exposure to moisture can void the warranty and shorten the expected lifetime even of machines that appear fine after the initial exposure. Keeping track of exposed technology can help determine whether future repairs will be cost-effective.