1. How do I register for the ESL Institute at UNH?

Please click here to visit our Registration page

2. How am I placed in ESL classes?

All new students are given an English proficiency assessment which will determine the level of ESL course you will take.

3. Can I earn credits for my courses at the ESL Institute at UNH?

Yes. Up to 16 ESL credits may be applied to a UNH undergraduate program.  Also, students enrolled in our highest levels may be eligible to take academic courses in adition to their ESL courses.  

4. Can I register for more than one ESL session?

Yes. Students can register for one or more ESL session(s). If you decide that you want to register for additional sessions, we will work with you to extend your I-20, if necessary.


5. Do I need a visa to study at the ESL Institute at UNH?

Yes. International students who study at the ESL Institute must have a student visa. After we receive your registration paperwork and payment, we will issue your I-20 and provide further information about how to apply for an F-1 student visa. 

6. I already have a U.S. visa. Can I study at the ESL Institute at UNH?

Yes. Currently, students with the following visas are permitted to study full-time: F-1, H-4, or J-2. Students with the following visas are permitted to study part-time: F-2 or H-1B.

7. Can I transfer my I-20 to the ESL Institute at UNH?

Yes, if you would like to transfer to the ESL Institute, we can facilitate the transfer of your I-20 to UNH.  Please contact esl@unh.edu


8. I would like to live on-campus. What is housing like at UNH?

If you are under 21, typically you will live in double occupancy rooms in undergraduate student housing. If you are 21 or older, you will typically live in single occupancy rooms in graduate student housing. To learn more about residence halls, please visit: http://www.unh.edu/housing/.

9. Do I have to bring my own linens?

Yes.  You must purchase you own linens.

10. Does UNH have a laundry service?

No. You are responsible for taking care of your own laundry. Each residence hall has laundry machines that students can use for a fee.

11. When can I move into my on-campus housing?

You can usually move in the day before your ESL session begins. Prior to move-in, you will receive confirmation from the ESL Institute about your move-in date.

12. Is there dining at UNH?

Yes. If you live on-campus and are an undergraduate student, you must sign up for a meal plan. If you live on-campus in graduate student housing you have the option of cooking your meals in common kitchens and/or signing up for a meal plan.

For more information about the dining halls and menus offered, please visit: http://www.unh.edu/dining/.


13. Do you offer any special programs?

If you would like to send a group of students from your institution or area, we will work with you to make special arrangements to accommodate your group’s needs.

14. Who should I contact with any further questions?

Please e-mail esl@unh.edu or call (603) 862-0083.