Student Testimonials

ESL Students at an event

"I think that UNH has a lot of good points. First, UNH has an ESL student meeting every Thursday. I think that meeting is very good because we can make new friends who speak different languages. Second, we have good classes. The teachers always teach us authentic English, and they are friendly. Third, I have wonderful classmates. Before I came here I was worried about who my classmates would be; however, they are really friendly. I have been many places with them and have had so much fun. The great relationships with classmates make me happy and keep me motivated."

—Masa, from Japan

"A good point about our ESL class is our nationalities. In my class, there are many kinds of people from different countries. It’s really interesting. We can talk to each other in English, and we can get in touch about our personal life. Sometimes we can teach each other about traditional things or even share our language."

—Noa, from Japan

"Five Reasons Why I Love UNH and the ESL Program:

I love New Hampshire, especially Durham. It is a very beautiful place, and it is good for students to study and live in.
I love my teachers because they are very excellent teachers, and they have very great teaching skills.
I love the people here because they are very kind and friendly.
I love the dining hall, which is called Holloway Commons (HoCo). There are many kinds of delicious and healthy foods in HoCo.
I love my residence hall. I love my Residence Hall Director (RHD) and Resident Assistants (RAs). They are very nice and kind people. They always help me when I have some problems."

—Yue (Bella), from China

"I really like the experience of being an ESL student at UNH. I have had the opportunity to learn a lot of American culture and get involved. I am a typical UNH student. I can do whatever a UNH student does. This is a good way to improve my English. Equally important: The classes are really good. The teachers teach many tools to improve skills in English."

—Karina, from Venezuela

"There are many students of various nationalities on campus. Many students studying abroad are interested in learning about other international cultures. Furthermore, if students live in an international dormitory, exchange is possible."

—Tomomi, from Japan

"I have a good time with my roommate, which helps me make more friends at UNH. We both like playing sports, especially basketball. Therefore, we figured out where the gym was, and then we played basketball with Americans."

—Tao, from China

"The classes are so much fun. On the first day I attended classes, I was overwhelmed because everyone could speak English better than me. So I thought that I wouldn’t be able to follow the classes. However, everyone is so nice. The teachers are also nice, so I’m glad that I can study with them."

—Chihiro, from Japan