ResilienceCon Writer's Workshop

Intensive two-day workshop offered after 2018 conference

A two-day post-conference meeting followed the UNH Violence Conference in Portsmouth, N.H., July 18-19, 2018. 

The ResilienceCon Writer’s Workshop provided attendees with an opportunity to hone their scientific writing skills and experience more success in journal publishing, grant applications and dissemination of their work. 

Writer’s workshops have been a bedrock of support for fiction writers for many decades, but writers of nonfiction — especially scientific scholarship — have comparatively few supportive spaces to develop ideas and receive peer feedback. The ResilienceCon Writer’s Workshop adopted the fiction writing conference model, combining workshop opportunities to share and receive feedback on manuscripts and participate in sessions to develop skills needed for successful scientific writing. Authors working on resilience or other strengths-based topics were welcome, as well as anyone working on violence or any form of adversity.   

Participants were asked to share a draft of a current scientific writing project at least one month in advance and commit to reading two papers of other participants before the meeting.

A few positions also were offered to those interested in auditing the workshop.