CHART: Child Health and Adversity Research Team

CHART members

Our MIST team brings together the expertise of UNH researchers working in nursing, psychology, and human development and family studies. This uniquely positions us to address the phenomenon of adverse childhood events in the pediatric primary care setting.

We will begin our research trajectory with a general survey to better understand how children are screened for social and behavioral determinants of health in primary care.

The team will use that data as a springboard for larger projects that will develop primary care interventions, recommendations, and clinical pathways to create best care practices to improve outcomes for children and families experiencing adverse experiences.


  • Kerry Nolte (CHHS)
  • Kimberly Mitchell (CCRC)
  • Jill Trumbell (CHHS)
  • Alyssa O’Brien (CHHS)
  • Lisa Jones (CCRC)