Native American and Indigenous Studies (Minor)

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What is Native American and Indigenous studies?

Learn about the complex and diverse cultures and histories of Indigenous communities locally, nationally and globally. This interdisciplinary program draws from a range of fields, from anthropology and geography to English and history, to provide varied perspectives on issues such as colonialism, diaspora, social movements, politics and policy. You’ll learn academic theories and how they translate into practical applications. You’ll acquire skills and qualifications for graduate study and employment including work with Tribal and Indigenous leaders and officials, public health practitioners and administrators, and with institutions that require sensitivity to Indigenous issues, such as museums and other public institutions.

Why study Native American and Indigenous studies at UNH?

UNH is located on the traditional lands and waterways of the Abenaki, Pennacook and Wabanaki Peoples, past and present, who have ongoing cultural and spiritual connections to the area. UNH faculty in the Native American and Indigenous studies program are actively engaged in ongoing efforts to build an enduring relationship between the university and local Indigenous communities in New Hampshire, the United States and elsewhere in the world. Related opportunities for internships, field work and independent research are plentiful, including work with the Indigenous New Hampshire Collaborative Collective and through the many UNH study abroad programs available.

Potential careers
  • Federal agencies and services
  • Museums
  • Education
  • Business
  • Arts
  • Government and law
  • Nonprofits and advocacy
  • Health care
  • Sciences

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Curriculum & Requirements

As an interdisciplinary minor, Native American and Indigenous studies (NAIS) offers a broad understanding of the history, lands, culture, literature, language and artistic expression, science and technology, race and identity, and social organization and political statuses of Native American and Indigenous peoples within and beyond North America. The minor provides an introduction to Indigenous values and a basis for understanding broad Indigenous issues.

NAIS complements a range of majors, including anthropology, English, history, political science, health and human services, music, psychology, biology, botany, natural resources and sustainability. The UNH Education Abroad program offers a variety of opportunities to UNH students to explore the NAIS minor overseas.  

The minor will help students acquire the necessary skills and qualifications for a variety of graduate study and employment opportunities and enhance competitiveness for federal scholarships and programs, such as the Peace Corps, Teach for America or the National Parks Service. Students with NAIS training will be prepared for work with Tribal and Indigenous leaders and officials, public health practitioners and administrators, and/or working with institutions that require employees with cultural and historical sensitivity to Indigenous issues, such as museums or other public institutions. NAIS graduates may also go on to careers with organizations with Indigenous interests in the areas of education, business, arts, government and law, nonprofit and advocacy, and healthcare and science (e.g., the Native American Rights Fund, Native American Arts Council, American Indian Science and Engineering Society).

20 credits (5 courses) are required for the minor. Students must receive a grade of C or better in each course in order for the course to count toward the minor requirements.

Choose one of the following two options to complete the minor requirements.

Option 1

NAIS 400: Introduction to Native American and Indigenous Studies (also fulfills World Cultures Discovery requirement) 4 credits
4 elective courses chosen from the list of approved electives below 16 credits
TOTAL CREDITS 20 credits

Option 2

NAIS 400: Introduction to Native American and Indigenous Studies (also fulfills World Cultures Discovery requirement) 4 credits
3 elective courses chosen from the list of approved electives below, two of which can be from a UNH-approved education abroad program (see below) 12 credits
1 credit-bearing internship (ANTH 700 or other approved internship) 4 credits
TOTAL CREDITS 20 credits

Approved Electives

ANTH 500A: Peoples and Cultures of North America 4 credits
ANTH 500B: Peoples and Cultures of Latin America 4 credits
ANTH 501B: World Archaeological Cultures of Mesoamerica 4 credits
ANTH 513: Ethnographic Methods 4 credits
ANTH 515: Anthropology and Contemporary Issues: Indigenous Heritage Politics 4 credits
ANTH 700: Indigenous NH Internship 4 credits
ANTH 785: The Anthropology of Dreams and Dreaming 4 credits
AMST 503: Intro to Native American Studies 4 credits
AMST 614: Native American Studies Topics 4 credits
BIOL 408: Plants and Civilization 4 credits
BIOL 827: Animal Communication 4 credits
ENGL 440A: On Race in Culture and Society 4 credits
ENGL 444G: Ethnic America: Readings in African American, Asian American, Native American and Latino/a Literature 4 credits
ENGL 550: Introduction to the Literature and Culture of Race 4 credits
ENGL 729: Special Topics in Composition Studies (on an approved topic) 4 credits
ENGL 739: American Indian Literature 4 credits

ENGL 740: Indigenous New England

4 credits
GEOG 650: Field Methods in Geography 4 credits
HIST 405: History of Early America 4 credits
HIST 511: History of New Hampshire 4 credits
HIST 532: Modern Latin American and Caribbean History 4 credits
HIST 603: European Conquest of North America 4 credits
HIST 632: Colonial Latin America 4 credits

MUSI 515: Music in World Cultures

4 credits
NR 660: Ecology and Biogeography of New Zealand 4 credits
PSYC 581: Child Development 4 credits

NAIS UNH-Approved Study Abroad Programs

Thailand-TEAN-Chang Mai; CIEE Khon Kaeo

USAC-Southwest Minzu University (Southwest Universities for Nationalities). Among the courses offered:

  • Buddhism and Culture (ANTH/SOC)
  • Tibetan Culture and Society (ANTH/SOC
  • Guizhou Field Study (ANTH/WLL, 200-level, l credit)

Morocco - IES & CIEE. Courses offered:

  • Gender and Society in North Africa and Beyond
  • North African Cultural Identities
  • Internship/Social Action Seminar
  • Islam In Morocco And North Africa (English-taught)
  • Arab Media and Issues of Politics and Culture

New Zealand - Otago. Courses offered:

  • Maori Studies

Peru - SIT: Indigenous Peoples and Globalization. Courses offered:

  • History of Indigenous Cultures in Peru
  • Indigenous Peoples in Motion: Changes, Resistance, and Globalization
  • Quechua
  • Research Methods and Ethics
  • Independent Study Project

Senegal -CIEE. Courses offered:

  • Contemporary Senegalese Society and Culture
  • Intercultural Communication and Leadership (English)
  • Environment and Development in Senegal and Sub-Saharan Africa (English)
  • Public Health Issues and Challenges in West Africa

Tanzania-CIEE. Courses offered:

  • Kiswahili
  • Field Research Seminar
  • Pre-History, Myths, Legends, and Beliefs of East Africa
  • Contemporary Educational Issues in East Africa
  • Gender and Development
  • History of East Africa
  • Poverty Analysis for Socio-economic Development

Bhutan -API at Royal Thimphu College with internship. Courses offered:

  • Anthropology of the Himalayas
  • Ethnography of Bhutan
  • Anthropology of Identity
  • Anthropology of Gender
  • Kinship and Family
  • ASC20 l: Anthropology of Globalization
  • ASC301: Anthropology of Development
  • ASC303: Applied Anthropology
  • ASC304: Contemporary Issues in Anthropology
  • ATH 101: Ecological Anthropology
  • ATH 102: Medical Anthropology
  • ATH203: History and Theory of Anthropology
  • ATH204: Political Anthropology
  • ATH305: Anthropology of Religion and Rituals

ANTH 513

Ethnographic Methods

Svetlana Peshkova

ANTH 700

Indigenous New Hampshire Internship 

Martin / Peshkova

ANTH 785

Dreams and Dreaming

Robin Sheriff

ENGL 650

Images Without Borders: Comics and Graphic Narrative

Monica Chiu

HIST 632

Latin America in the 20th and 21st Centuries

Julia Rodriguez

NAIS 400

Intro to Native American and Indigenous Studies

Alexandra Martin

NSB 727

Animal Communication

Daniel Howard