Advising & Registration


All majors should choose an advisor upon acceptance to the program. You may choose any Justice Studies faculty member listed in the faculty and staff directory, or you may see any of the advisors listed below, based on the number of credits you have earned:

Freshman (0-25 credits earned) & Sophomore’s (26-57 credits earned) should see...

Deb Briand
 A206A Huddleston Hall - PH: 862-1716 – Email: 

Juniors (58-89 credits earned) should see...

Donna Perkins
212 Huddleston Hall – PH: 862-7012 – Email: 

Seniors (90 or more credits earned) should see...

Molly Dorsey
206A Huddleston Hall – PH: 862-1716 – Email:

If you are interested in a pre-law curriculum, please see the UNH Pre-Law Advising website. The site contains helpful information and allows you to connect with a UNH pre-law advisor.

UNH Pre-Law Advising website

See our FAQ page for answers to frequently asked advising questions

FAQ page


You will need to meet with your advisor at least once per semester in order to discuss your course choices for online registration for upcoming semesters. Registration for fall semesters typically occurs in April. Registration for spring semesters typically occurs in November. In the middle of each semester, check Webcat through myUNH portal for course listings and registration information. Your registration access code (or RAC number) will be given to your first-major advisor, so you will need to meet with him or her in order to receive your RAC number.

myUNH portal