UNH Double Reed Day

2022 UNH Double Reed Day 

Saturday, January 22, 2022
10:30-4:30 PM
Paul Creative Arts Center

Find registration, schedule and vendor info below.

Updated UNH COVID-19 policies and requirements will be posted here. At this time, all are required to mask when inside a UNH building and masks and bell covers are required.Social distancing will be observed whenever possible. 
Please bring your own music stand and reed tools if you own them.  Hand sanitizer and wipes are available throughout the building.


Bassoonists can attend in-person or on-line.  All oboe classes will be virtual.  $25 Registration fee covers all in-person events and those classes that are listed as being virtual. Links to virtual media will be sent the week of the event to those who have registered.  In the case of an extreme weather event or University closure, Double Reed Day will be all virtual.


2022 Guest Artists

Leslie Ross: bassoon

Showcasing her many talents, Leslie Ross will give a presentation on historic bassoon making and her work on the modern bassoon in the realm of composing and multiphonics. 

Leslie Ross

Leslie Ross is a bassoon maker, musician, composer and sound artist. Leslie’s interest in instrument building began in 9th grade on the day she was allowed to bring her bassoon home for the first time. She promptly disassembled it and had to take the next day off from school to put it back together. Early in her life, her explorations as musician and maker were connected to the early music movement, which, still in its formative stages in the late 70’s, advocated not just returning to early period treatises but to rediscovering period instruments–using the early instruments themselves (as compared to modern instruments) to teach and inform us how to play and interpret music of the time.

While still involved in early music and with the same spirit of exploration, Leslie immersed herself in the free improv scene of downtown NYC in the mid 80’s. Accompanying her shift to experimental music, her love of working with materials and building instruments opened up into explorations of invented instruments and sound installations.


Meghan Woodard: oboe, English horn, Baroque oboe


Dr. Meghan Woodard: Oboe, Baroque Oboe, English Horn
Oboe Masterclass: Interpreting Orchestral Excerpts through the Lens of Recorded History 

 Over one hundred years of recorded history reveals that performance practice is continually evolving as musical tastes change. In researching her dissertation, “On the Record: Interpreting Recorded Orchestral Excerpts for the Oboe, 1910-2016,” Meghan Woodard discovered hundreds of unique and nearly forgotten interpretations of the iconic orchestral oboe solos from Brahms’ Violin Concerto, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, and Ravel’s Le Tombeau de Couperin. Join Meghan for this special masterclass as we together explore historically-informed interpretations of these cherished oboe solos. 

Brahms Violin Concerto: Mvt 2. mm3-32  / Beethoven 5th Symphony: Mvt. 1 mm254 through cadenza / Ravel le Tombeau de Couperin: 1.Prelude 

Interested performers (Either Live or Virtually) please contact Margaret Herlehy at mherlehy@unh.edu


In addition to teaching Meghan is a sought-after orchestral and chamber musician on oboe, English horn, and Baroque oboe. She regularly performs with the Reading Symphony Orchestra, Symphony in C, the Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra, and is a member of  Revolution Winds—an internationally-performing woodwind quintet known for musical activism. Meghan holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts degree in Oboe Performance from Temple University.  


Bassoonists and Oboists playing at double reed day

The University of New Hampshire’s Double Reed Day (UNH DR DAY) is a day-long event held each January for double-reed players of all ages and skill levels. Over 100 participants come each year sometimes braving snow storms, ice storms, power outages and floods both outside AND inside. More often than not, however, the sun does shine on this day. Janet Polk, UNH bassoon instructor and Margaret Herlehy, UNH oboe instructor organize this event with the able assistance of the music service fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi.

According to Justin Miller, president of Miller Marketing and a long-time vendor at this event, UNH DR DAY is one of the largest and longest-running Bassoon Day/DR DAY in the United States.

UNH DR DAY began as Bassoon Day. In 1993, Alan Fox of Fox Products Corporation, suggested to Janet Polk she start a bassoon day at UNH. She decided to take on the challenge and asked Mr. Fox if he would be her first guest. So, in January 1994, the first annual Bassoon Day took place. In January 1999, the oboes joined in the fun and the event became known as Double Reed Day.

New! Sospiri Listening Room
Click below to enjoy performances from the UNH Double Reed Day archives.



You must register to receive links. You may attend bassoon or oboe classes.

Bassoon Schedule In-Person or virtual/ Oboe Schedule: All virtual

9:30 a.m.  Registration. Vendors open (please see list for special instructions)
10:30 a.m. to noon:  Bassoon: Masterclass with Leslie Ross: Historic bassoon making.
 Available in person and virtual                       

Noon: Visit vendors. Lunch

12:30 to 1:30:  Bassoon band for all players   Available in person.
1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. Vendors
2 p.m. to 3 p.m.:  Sospiri recital with Margaret Herlehy, oboe; Janet Polk, bassoon; Mathilde Handelsman, piano. Available in person and virtual.
3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Bassoon reed-wrapping/Reed-making for beginning reed makers. Available in person and virtual.
Bassoon ensemble chamber music for intermediate/advanced players.  Available in person only

Oboe Schedule: All virtual

11:30 am Master Class with Dr. Meghan Woodard
1:30 pm Corey Sweeney Reeds
2:00 pm-Recital: Sospiri with Margaret Herlehy Oboe, Janet Polk Bassoon and Mathilde Handelsman, piano LIVE STREAM
3:30 pm Remembering Paul Laubin – A Celebration of his life and legacy of masterfully crafting Laubin Oboes and English Horns. Join us to view his life story, his work and share your ‘Laubin’ experience!


Because the pandemic is still with us, vendors are exercising caution.  Double Reed Shop will be with us.  Please order ahead! AND, Justin Wright from Manchester, NH Music and Arts will be bringing items from the store.

Gail Warnaar/Double Reed Shop will only be bringing music that is ordered ahead of time (by January 18). She will not bring music to browse.  However, she is offering a 20% off all music and no shipping charges.  Order now!

You may visit the following vendors through the website or e-mail.

 Double Reed Shop/Gail Warnaar     http://www.doublereedshop.com

Music and Arts/Justin Wright   https://stores.musicarts.com/nh/manchester/music-store-0090.html

Ellis Music Company/Jonathan Ranney repairman https://www.ellismusic.com/

 Rebecca Eldredge, bassoon reeds Reba.Eldredge@gmail.com

Corey Sweeney, oboe reeds  sweeneyoboereeds.com.

Charles Music    www.Charlesmusic.com

T.D. Ellis      www.themusicsource.org


Miller Marketing Company   www.millermarketing.com


Parking Information for Double Reed Day

On weekends, parking is free on campus. The closest big parking lot to Paul Creative Arts Center is B Lot which is located on Academic Way.  You can park at meters for free as well as any other university parking lot. Don’t park in handicap spots, assigned faculty spaces, tow zones or fire lanes.

More info:

Janet Polk

Resident Artist (bassoon)
Phone: (603) 862-2404
Fax: (603) 862-3155

Paul Creative Arts Center
30 Academic Way

Margaret Herlehy

Resident Artist (oboe)
Phone: (603) 862-2404
Fax: (603) 862-3155

Paul Creative Arts Center
30 Academic Way