Amena Moinfar

Office: Languages, Literatures, & Cultures, Murkland Hall Rm 110, Durham, NH 03824
photo of Amena Moinfar

Aména Moïnfar was born in France where she was raised and educated with a Persian flavor. She moved to the United States where she taught French, rhetoric and composition, and English courses. Moïnfar obtained her Ph.D. in comparative literature at the University of Texas in Austin where she focused on narratives of colonial memory written by children of immigrants and exiles who grew up in the former colonial power. Moïnfar now studies the interactions between sustainability, wellness and benevolence pedagogy in French contemporary fiction and non-fiction.


  • Ph.D., Comparative Literature, University of Texas
  • Maitrise, English, Paris Nanterre University
  • M.A., French, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • M.A., Comparative Literature, University of Texas
  • M.A., French, Michigan State University

Research Interests

  • Benevolent pedagogy in France
  • French culture
  • French language
  • Narratives of postcolonial second generation

Courses Taught

  • 401: Elementary French I
  • 402: Elementary French II
  • 403: Review of French
  • 632: Adv French Listening/Speaking
  • FREN 401: Elementary French I
  • FREN 402: Elementary French II
  • FREN 403: Review of French
  • FREN 503: Intermediate French I
  • FREN 503W: Intermediate French I
  • FREN 632: Adv French Listening/Speaking
  • FREN 651/775: Love, War and Power
  • FREN 782: Belle Epoque to Globalization