Elsa Upham

Office: ESL Institute, Hamilton Smith Hall Rm 149E, Durham, NH 03824
photo of Elsa Upham

Elsa Upham is a Lecturer in ESL who has been teaching reading, writing, listening and speaking classes at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels for the last 6 years. She has also taught undergraduate and graduate courses in the Languages Literatures and Cultures Department. She focuses on integrating multiple skills, critical thinking, metacognition, and self-refection in her teaching practice to enhance her students’ academic success. Her personal interests include historical fiction, music and dance.


  • M.A., Paul Valery University
  • M.A., University of British Columbia
  • B.A., Humanities, Academy of Monpellier

Research Interests

  • English as a Second Language
  • ESL instruction

Courses Taught

  • ENGL 401: First-Year Writing
  • ESL 410/610: Elementary Read, Write,Grammar
  • ESL 411/611: Speak & Listen, Elem Level
  • ESL 421/621: Intermediate Listening/Speakng
  • ESL 430/630: Adv Reading, Writing, Grammar
  • ESL 450/650: Academic English for ESL
  • FREN 402: Elementary French II
  • FREN 403: Review of French
  • FREN 503: Intermediate French I
  • FREN 504: Intermediate French II
  • FREN 631: Adv French Reading/Writing
  • FREN 632: Adv French Listiening/Speaking