Michael S. Leese

Office: History, Horton SSC Rm 439, Durham, NH 03824
Michael Leese


  • Ph.D., Greek History/Lit, University of Michigan
  • M.A., Latin Teacher Education, University of Connecticut
  • B.A., Classics, University of Connecticut

Research Interests

  • Ancient Greek economy and economics
  • Greco-Roman history
  • History of world capitalism

Courses Taught

  • HIST 421: World History to 16th Century
  • HIST 440: Honors/Drugs, Addict Wrld Hist
  • HIST 500: Intro to Historical Thinking
  • HIST 676: Class&Hellenistic Greek Worlds
  • HIST 678: Roman Empire
  • HIST 690: Sem/Rich vs Poor
  • HIST 695: Independent Study
  • HIST 797: Coll/Gender and Sexuality
  • HUMA 450: The Origins of Capitalism

Selected Publications

Leese, M. S. (2018). Lysias and a Forgotten Law on the Administration of Orphans’ Estates in Classical Athens. Dike: rivista di storia del diritto greco ed ellenistico, 19, 107-125.

Bachrach, B. S., Bachrach, D. S., & Leese, M. (2017). Deeds of the Bishops of Cambrai, Translation and Commentary. Routledge.

Leese, M. S. (2017). An Economic Perspective on Marriage Alliances in Ancient Greece. In D. P. Kehoe, & T. A. J. McGinn (Eds.), Ancient Law, Ancient Society. (pp. 32-45). Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press.

Kapêloi and Economic Rationality in Fourth-Century BCE Athens (2016). Retrieved from https://classicalstudies.org/