How to Apply

Ready to Apply?


Supporting materials should be sent to the Graduate School at:

UNH Graduate School 
Thompson Hall 
105 Main Street 
Durham, NH 03824

To apply to the Political Science Program, you must apply online through the Graduate School. Collect and submit all additional supporting materials in one packet and send to the Graduate School, not to the Political Science Department.

Please note:  Effective immediately the Political Science Department will be waiving application fees for the first 20 applicants to the 5 year BA/MA Program.  Additionally, GRE scores will be waived for current Political Science majors applying to the 5 year program!

Admission Requirements

The Department of Political Science considers all applicants for the M.A. degree equally, irrespective of race, class, sex, gender, etc. Admission decisions are based on the applicant’s overall record of achievement, both academic and otherwise and his/her potential for success in the MA program. Specific considerations for admission (in no particular order) include: undergraduate institution coursework and GPA, GRE scores for TOEFL/IETL scores for international student applicants, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, awards and scholarships, and professional experience. While we have no strict "cut-off" for GPA or GRE, successful applicants have proven records of success as evidenced by their entire application packages. TOEFL scores of at least 100 re preferred. Applications must also meet the standards of the UNH Graduate School. Applicants are expected to have majored in political science or a related field, or have worked in government or the nonprofit sector. Where undergraduate preparation has been insufficient, applicants may be admitted provided that they follow a program of study approved by the chairperson. 


The GRE general test is required for the M.A.; for our POLT majors applying to the 5 year program, GREs are waived.

Personal Statement

Personal statements required for the M.A. application must be approximately 500-700 words in length.


  • February 15 for financial assistance
  • August 7 for fall session
  • January 1 for spring session
  • May 7 for summer session