HEAL: Health Education through Arts and Literature

HEAL members

The humanities and the health sciences merge in our research team's examination of "Health Education Through Art and Literature."

Our goal involves researching for and creating a pedagogical graphic narrative based, eventually made available in an electronic format, as a tool for educating students who are affected by stress and mental illness and a resource for supporting the faculty teaching them. Our research avenues will be guided by anonymous student surveys, discussions from a university-wide colloquium, knowledge gained from faculty experts on the colloquium's panels, and insights about art and healing from two invited cartoonists.

We also intend to take the colloquium on the road, not only to UNH classrooms, but also to local high schools and clinics, gathering information about how stress affects our communities and how to reach those affected through art and literature based in the health humanities.


  • Barbara Prudhomme‐White(CHHS)
  • Keller Magenau (CFAR)
  • Kate Gaudet (COLA)
  • Monica Chiu (COLA)
  • Pam DiNapoli (CHHS)

HEAL Symposium

On November 17, 2017, UNH held a symposium for educators, students and the public about strategies for teaching in an age of anxiety. Bringing together practicing cartoonists with academic experts in a variety of fields, the symposium explored how graphic narrative pedagogy can support student health and learning.