Alumni Spotlight

BA in Theatre and MEd in Elementary Education Majors | First Grade Teacher
Read more about how Amy Criswell is using her BA in Theatre and MEd in Elementary Education Majors.
Theatre (BA), Computer Science (MS) | Software Engineer at Facebook
Read more about how Matthew Leonard is using his Theatre and Computer Science majors.
Theatre and Biology Majors | Theatre Faculty at Macalester College
Read more about how Megan Reilly is using her Theatre and Biology majors.
Theatre and Dance Major | Actor
Harmony Stempel ('06) is an actor whose work has been seen over the past 15 years in New England, upstate New York, New York City, The Czech Republic, Amsterdam as well as Hong Kong. New York experience: "The Secrets of Saco," The Barrow...
Theatre Major | Artistic Director of the LabRats Theater Company
Lindsay Joy Murphy is a Brooklyn based playwright. She is the Artistic Director of the LabRats Theater Company in New York City. The Rats are producing her new full length play, "The Rise and Fall of a Leilani Luv" in the spring of 2013....
Theatre Major | Director and Choreographer
Alum Brian Swasey stopped by the Newman Dance studio in  March to teach a few musical theatre choreography classes. Brian was gracious enough to answer some questions we had about his days at UNH and what he's been doing since he graduated in 1995. Brian Swasey is a graduate of The University of...
Children's Theatre Major | Professor, Chair, and Producer at Virginia Commonwealth University
David S. Leong ’73 was the first student to graduate from UNH with a degree in Children’s Theatre. Forty years later, his career is still going strong. David shared some thoughts on his long career and the many ways his theatre degree from UNH prepared him for a lifetime of success.
Theatre Major | Executive Director of Maui OnStage
Alexis Dascoulias is the Executive Director of Maui OnStage. Bringing with her a rich history in theatre and education, Alexis is proud to serve as the Past President on the Wailuku Community Association and act as the Youth Programs Chair for the Rotary Club of Kahului. Prior to moving to Maui,...
Philosophy Major | Systems Engineer at Google
Why did you major in philosophy? I had this crazy idea after high school that I wanted to be a professional rock climber. I never got close to good enough, but devoted a lot of time to training and weekend trips to Rumney. It was awesome and I don't at all regret my time in the mountains, but it...
Philosophy Major | Securities Lawyer
Why did you major in philosophy? Philosophy's appeal lay in both the topics it addressed, and the way it addressed them. It promised to help me understand big questions and ideas in a clear, consistent and methodical way. The idea of becoming a clear thinker was enormously attractive. What are you...
Philosophy Major | Registered Nurse
Why did you major in philosophy?  As a second-semester freshman, I was seeking a course to satisfy my general education requirement in the arts, and decided to take Philosophy and the Arts. In this course, I was captivated by our conversations surrounding the meaning of beauty, and was challenged...
Philosophy Major | Hubspot
Read more about how Guillaume Delloue is using his Philosophy major.