Geography (B.A.) Spotlight

Geography and International Affairs Majors | Field Tester for Apple
I spent my first year after graduation working for Apple, Inc., in the maps department. I do field testing and travel domestically. I was recently accepted into a masters program at the Université Grenoble Alpes to study international development and sustainability in Grenoble, France and will...
Geography Major | Project Manager, Berkeley Investments
What you are currently doing for work and what did it take to get there? I am a project manager in real estate development. This role engages tasks including: aiding underwriting and creating feasibility studies, managing the design team and leading the entitlement process, assisting with financing...
Geography and Sociology Majors | Program Support, Higher Ed Academic and Career Advising
I'm a senior program support assistant in Academic and Career Advising at Keene State College. I love working in education and helping students find their place in college, and the world! My UNH degree is dynamic and can be used in many ways, both professionally and personally.