Women's and Gender Studies Major B.A. Spotlight

Women's Studies Major | VP of Community Engagement for a nonpartisan nonprofit organization
Since graduating from The University of New Hampshire in 2011, I have completed a year of AmeriCorps Service (an experience I highly recommenced to any graduating student!), aligned myself with nonprofit organizations that share my values in various volunteer, part time or internship roles -- MA...
International Affairs and Women's Studies Majors | International Property Specialist
Read more about Tamara's success using her degrees in Women's Studies and International Affairs
Communication Sciences and Disorders and Women's Studies | BEDA Program in Spain
Read more about Lacey's success using her degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders, and Women's Studies on UNH Tales
Anthropology and Women's Studies Major | Public Affairs Organizer, Planned Parenthood
Upon graduation from the University of New Hampshire in May 2013 I've jumped right into social justice work.  I have been devoted to the issue of reproductive justice since beginning my time at UNH and I find it very rewarding to find myself in a career path that puts the same emphasis on a topic...