Classics, History and Philosophy Majors | Research Fellow at Kobe University in Kobe, Japan
Convinced that college was best spent exploring as many different paths as possible, Cory McKenzie (’15) of Hampstead, New Hampshire, followed many a rabbit trail during his years at the University of New Hampshire. Entering UNH as a history major, Cory dabbled in the histories of the Russian...
Classics Major | Biomedical Researcher
Concerning majoring in classics: having sat on admissions interviews for UConn, the old saying still rings true about medical schools wanting the “well rounded student.” Science majors are a dime a dozen, and it is what the candidate can do outside of the sphere of science that really makes them...
Classics Major | Latin Teacher
During my time as a Classics major at UNH, I found myself surrounded by expert professors who were truly invested in their students’ success, which at a large university, is quite a rare occurrence. It was this very zeal for the subject matter and their grace in teaching that sparked my own passion...
Classics Major | Firefighter/EMT
I graduated in 2007 with a degree in classics. Immediately after graduating I obtained a job in special education as a paraprofessional. After a cross country move in 2010, I began working in mental health as a wilderness therapy field guide and psych tech in a mental health facility. Finally, I’ve...
Classics Major | Attorney
On my desk sits a miniature of the Capitoline Wolf. Above that is a tag that reads “Πρόκνη,” naming the snaking, green philodendron (her predecessor Philomena sadly passed). I have a visible tattoo on the top of my foot - βομβυλιός - that is always a conversation starter. And there is the word on...
Studio Art Major | Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin
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Fine Arts Major | Assistant Professor, Husson University
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Art History | Tech Assistant, Robischon Gallery
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History and Art History Major | Law Student at Emory Law
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Art History Major | Manager of Design and Construction, San Francisco
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Art History Major | Textile and CAD Designer, Town & Country Living
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Art History Major | School Counselor, Virtual Learning Academy Charter School
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