Political Science M.A. | In Ph.D Program Vanderbilt
"I completed my MA degree and the sustainability politics certificate in 2011. My primary research interests include the effects of nationalism on world politics, international relations theory, and international environmental politics. Next, I moved to Nashville to begin a PhD program in political...
Political Science M.A. | Survey Programmer for Greenberg Quinlan Rosner
Richard Barney's academic concentrations in the UNH Political Science MA program were international politics, Latin American politics, and public opinion. As a graduate assistant for the UNH Political Science Department Richard worked for Professor Mary Malone conducting research on Latin American...
Spanish Major | Teacher in Monachil Spain
In 2008, I graduated from Pinkerton Academy with very little interest in continuing on to college. I wanted to be a hairstylist. I completed my cosmetology course and was a hairstylist for three years until I decided that I wanted to do something more because, for me, something was missing from my...
Spanish & International Affairs | Lawyer Referral Service Program Coordinator
After graduating from UNH, which included studying in Granada, Spain my junior year, I au paired in Madrid, Spain for two years. I followed up this time abroad with two years in New Haven, CT working as a translator of commercial credit reports at a company which was a subsidiary of Coface. In the...
French and International Affairs Major | Professional Basketball Player
As a kid from Senegal, West Africa, where the daily life is constantly a battle for a lot of people to eat at their satisfaction. I was very fortunate to be part of a family where my father had a decent job. He was able to take of me and my four other siblings. My parents were unfortunately...
Women's Studies Major | VP of Community Engagement for a nonpartisan nonprofit organization
Since graduating from The University of New Hampshire in 2011, I have completed a year of AmeriCorps Service (an experience I highly recommenced to any graduating student!), aligned myself with nonprofit organizations that share my values in various volunteer, part time or internship roles -- MA...
International Affairs and Women's Studies Majors | International Property Specialist
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Communication Sciences and Disorders and Women's Studies | BEDA Program in Spain
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Anthropology and Women's Studies Major | Public Affairs Organizer, Planned Parenthood
Upon graduation from the University of New Hampshire in May 2013 I've jumped right into social justice work.  I have been devoted to the issue of reproductive justice since beginning my time at UNH and I find it very rewarding to find myself in a career path that puts the same emphasis on a topic...
Psychology Major | High School Counselor
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Communication and Psychology Majors | Filmmaker
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Psychology Major | Residential Director
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