Art and Art History Spotlight

Fine Arts Major
A native of Dublin, N.H., Tejas Moses came to UNH because he wanted to maintain his relationships to people and places he had before college, while feeding his desire “for challenge and adventure and bliss.” Those and “a really good financial aid package” that included a prestigious Hamel...
Studio Art Major | Art Instructor and Artist
Describe what you are currently doing for work and how you got to this point. I teach art at Phillips Exeter Academy, where I have been an instructor in painting, printmaking and photography. I have been working there for almost 20 years. Prior to that, I worked at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston...
Studio Art Major | Self-Employed Artist
Matt's recent trip to Madagascar has inspired him to create artwork featuring the endangered radiated tortoise.
Art History and Geography Majors
Megan Cooper has either attended or worked at sleepaway camps more summers of her life than not. These experiences instilled in her “a love for environments created for kids to be themselves, grow, explore, create, and gain confidence and independence.” Such a childhood can also produce the kind of...
Art and Business Self-Designed Major | Artist and Author
My advisor and my favorite professor was John Hatch. He was one of UNH's greatest art professors. He was always very helpful and supportive of my self-designed major. It has been a career I have enjoyed all of my working life.
Art History and Italian Studies Majors | Graduate Student
UNH was a place where I felt free to find what I was most passionate about. I also felt enormously supported by my professors, resident hall directors, bosses, and peers.
Studio Art Major | Associate Professor of Design, University of Wisconsin-Stout
In addition to teaching, Evensen recently exhibited in three university galleries: Analogy + Interaction at the Ewing Gallery for Art and Architecture at the University of Tennessee–Knoxville, Drawing Distinctions at the Furlong Gallery at UWisconsin–Stout, and Project Passion at Minnesota State...
Fine Arts Major | Assistant Professor, Husson University
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Art History | Tech Assistant, Robischon Gallery
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History and Art History Major | Law Student at Emory Law
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Art History Major | Manager of Design and Construction, San Francisco
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Art History Major | Textile and CAD Designer, Town & Country Living
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