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Communication Major
Abigail McIntosh believes the university experience is “beautiful because students are supposed to come out on the other side a totally different version of themselves.” The high school version of Abigail initially “wrote off” UNH as a less appealing option because it was close to her hometown of...
Communication and International Affairs Majors
As a sophomore from Vassalboro, Maine, Adam Bovie started making a podcast with some friends — essentially, they recorded some sessions of a game they liked to play and, after some editing, Adam would post it online. On the surface, says Adam, this would seem to have no special relation to UNH. “I...
Communication and Sociology Majors | Higher Ed Communications and Marketing
What are some of my strongest memories of UNH? I was relatively shy and started to gain my confidence once I started getting involved with clubs and activities. I never thought I'd join a fraternity, but I ended becoming President of...
Communication Major | Account Coordinator at a PR Agency
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Communication, Marketing, Management Major | Research Manager at Adobe
What were you doing 1 year out of college? After I graduated in 2012, I went to work for as an associate consultant at Interbrand, the world's leading brand consultancy. Over the next four years, I was promoted to consultant within the general strategy group, and eventually moved into the...
Communication Major | Digital Performance and SEM, iProspect
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Communication Major | TV News Producer
Senior year when I started looking for a job, UNH was extraordinary. I was able to get significant help from the advisors at Hood House, my professors and job fairs.
Communication & International Affairs | Communication Intern at CIEE
About Abby and Where She is Today My name is Abby Lehner. I am a recent graduate of UNH, having earned a Bachelors in Communication & International Affairs with a minor in German. While apart of UNH, I was an active member at WUNH, claiming the title 'DJ Hotwheelz'. I was lucky to work the LLC...
Communication and Psychology Majors | Filmmaker
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Communication and International Affairs Major | Program Specialist, IRIS Center
Sometime in 1985 I was looking for a major. I had so many interests and no subject area seemed sufficient -- until I found the Dual Major in International Affairs, then called the Program for International Perspectives, or PIP. I was fascinated by Dr. McCann’s vision to integrate the various...
Communication and Spanish Major | Senior Assistant Director of Enrollment Services at Northeastern
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Communication and Philosophy Major | Human Resources, Burton
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