Communication Spotlight

Communication and Sociology Majors | Higher Ed Communications and Marketing
What are some of my strongest memories of UNH? I was relatively shy and started to gain my confidence once I started getting involved with clubs and activities. I never thought I'd join a fraternity, but I ended becoming President of...
Communication Major | Account Coordinator at a PR Agency
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Communication, Marketing, Management Major | Research Manager at Adobe
What were you doing 1 year out of college? After I graduated in 2012, I went to work for as an associate consultant at Interbrand, the world's leading brand consultancy. Over the next four years, I was promoted to consultant within the general strategy group, and eventually moved into the...
Communication Major | Digital Performance and SEM, iProspect
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Communication Major | TV News Producer
Senior year when I started looking for a job, UNH was extraordinary. I was able to get significant help from the advisors at Hood House, my professors and job fairs.
Communication & International Affairs | Communication Intern at CIEE
About Abby and Where She is Today My name is Abby Lehner. I am a recent graduate of UNH, having earned a Bachelors in Communication & International Affairs with a minor in German. While apart of UNH, I was an active member at WUNH, claiming the title 'DJ Hotwheelz'. I was lucky to work the LLC...
Communication and Psychology Majors | Filmmaker
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Communication and International Affairs Major | Program Specialist, IRIS Center
Sometime in 1985 I was looking for a major. I had so many interests and no subject area seemed sufficient -- until I found the Dual Major in International Affairs, then called the Program for International Perspectives, or PIP. I was fascinated by Dr. McCann’s vision to integrate the various...
Communication and Spanish Major | Senior Assistant Director of Enrollment Services at Northeastern
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Communication and Philosophy Major | Human Resources, Burton
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Communication Major | Co-founder of InfluenceLogic
What were you doing 1 year out of college? One year out of college, I was midway through UNH’s liberal studies program, which is basically a master’s degree in liberal arts. I’d had such an impactful junior and senior year in the communication program that I decided to continue my education and...
Communication and International Affairs Major | International Marketing Manager
One of the best things I took away from my four years at UNH was a major in International Affairs. As a student, I was keenly interested in all things related to new cultures, languages and travel but I struggled to envision a career path that would allow me to incorporate these interests into my...