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On Medieval Literature and Teaching
Professor Samantha Seal, author of "Father Chaucer: Generating Authority in The Canterbury Tales," published this year by Oxford University Press, begins writing and researching, with the help of a fellowship year funded by American Council of Learned Scholars, her second book, "Chaucerian Dynasty...
English/Journalism Major | Owner and Chief Copywriter at KGM Strategic Marketing
As an English/Journalism major, I spent a lot of time at Hamilton Smith. I remember how anxious I was to start my newspaper internship, which ended up being the best job training ever.
English/Journalism Major
Once her classmates got over the fact that she’d never skied, Olivia Olbrych’s UNH career was all fresh powder, so to speak, from there. Olivia’s is a tale in two parts, with part one involving the Charleston, R.I., native coming to UNH to study English journalism and, upon meeting professor Tom...
English Teaching Major
If you want to be successful, there’s simply no substitute for putting in the time and effort, says Parker Gauthier. An English education major from Dover, N.H., Parker never confused himself with Bill Nye The Science Guy and frankly admits to being “the kind of person who reads Emerson, Thoreau,...
Theatre & English Teaching Major | Middle School Theatre Arts teacher
What are you currently doing for work and what was the path you took to get here? I am currently in my 5th year of teaching Middle school theatre. I studied theatre and English teaching at UNH. I became passionate about verbatim, ensemble based and social justice theatre. I gained a lot from taking...
English Literature Major and Master of Liberal Studies | Professor
As an undergrad, I chose literature as my major. I chose it because I love literature. At the time, people didn't think too highly of literature majors. In the workplace today, our critical thinking skills are highly valued. The classes I had in the English Department and Women's Studies stand out...
English/Journalism Major | Journalist
My time at UNH — and perhaps most notably at...
International Affairs and Teaching Major | 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
While beginning my career at UNH, I was a journalism student who moonlighted as an aspiring teacher. I was good at reporting and writing, but my true dream was to work in a classroom. This was something I'd known since the age of 15, when I first began working with the Breakthrough Collaborative,...
English Major | Co-President of the UNH Northern California Alumni Network
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English/Journalism Major | Director of Content Services, Metis Communications
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English/Journalism Major | Marketing/PR/Outreach Coordinator for the Advanced Manufacturing Partnerships in Education initiative
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English/Journalism Major | Digital Department for PGA Tour
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