History Spotlight

Anthropology and History Majors
Growing up in Sunapee, N.H., Katie Titus had a strong feeling she’d wind up at UNH. Both of her older brothers attended UNH, and the university met her chief criterion of being “not too far away to go home when I wanted to,” yet rife “with opportunities to study different subjects and see a bit of...
History Major
Abby Colby came to UNH all the way from Durham, N.H., and that’s no joke. Going to UNH from Durham is like Alice stepping through the looking glass: on the other side is a magically different world. Sometimes, when you attend a university that’s in your hometown, you make a deal with yourself: you...
History and Russian Majors
There’s often a difference between the things that bring you to UNH as a high schooler and those that keep you here as a Wildcat. Peter Jaarsma, a history and Russian major from Cornish, N.H., demonstrates the point. He chose to come to UNH because he liked the campus, wanted a university that was...
Geography and History Majors | Social Media and Engagement Coordinator AAG
What are you currently doing for work and how did you get to this point? Currently I am the social media and engagement coordinator at the American Association of Geographers (AAG). The AAG is a non-profit membership association for academic and professional geographers located in Washington, DC. I...
History Master's Degree | Professor of History
What are you currently doing for work and what path did you take to get to this point? After earning my Master of Arts degree in history at UNH, I went on to doctoral studies at Tulane University, and eventually to a professorship at Arkansas Tech University, where I am a historian and hold the...
History and Anthropology Majors | Higher Education Fundraiser
UNH gave me so many opportunities to shape me into who I am today. I became a more social leader and literally learned how to do my current job from my on-campus job at UNH Phonathon.  
History and French major | Digital Director at NECN
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History Major | Manager of Social Media at UNH
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History Major | eCommerce sales and marketing part at Eco-Products
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History Major | Self-Employed Professional Musician
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Classics and History Majors | Business Consultant
My name is Alex Johnson and I graduated from UNH in May 2011 with a BA in both Classics and History – I got the "Wow, so you REALLY want to teach!?" treatment – and when it comes to how I wound up in the Classics program and what I've done since, my path has been very zig-zaggy, for lack of a...
History and Political Science Majors | 8th Grade American History Teacher
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