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Read more about how Guillaume Delloue is using his Philosophy major.
Philosophy Major | NYC Attorney
Why did you major in philosophy? I chose philosophy because I thought it would provide the best training for law school.  And I was hooked by Professor deVries’ treatment of the ancients.  Interesting stuff you did as a UNH undergrad? Thesis, study abroad, etc. I participated in The Washington...
Philosophy Major | Writer for Sports Illustrated (and elsewhere)
Why did you major in philosophy? It was basically a coin flip between English and philosophy. I knew I loved ideas, and I knew I loved to write. What I couldn’t foresee was how quickly the courses would grip me. How acutely the dialectical process — discussing ideas, distilling my own dream-broad...
Philosophy Major | Philosophy Professor
Why did you major in philosophy? I initially decided to take philosophy classes because I had heard philosophers score highest on the LSAT and do very well in law school. After taking my first seminar, philosophy of law, I fell in love with the discipline and how philosophers thought, wrote and...
Philosophy Major | Inspirational High School Philosophy Teacher
Why did you major in philosophy?
Philosophy Major | Currently Getting Ph.D
Ph.D. Candidate in Engineering What were you doing 1 year out of college? Graduate school for engineering! What are you doing now? About to get my Ph.D.! Graduating soon and looking for jobs. In what ways has your UNH liberal arts education helped you get where you are today? My philosophy degree...
Communication and Philosophy Major | Human Resources, Burton
Read more about Berry's success using his degree in Communication on UNH Tales
Classics, History and Philosophy Majors | Research Fellow at Kobe University in Kobe, Japan
Convinced that college was best spent exploring as many different paths as possible, Cory McKenzie (’15) of Hampstead, New Hampshire, followed many a rabbit trail during his years at the University of New Hampshire. Entering UNH as a history major, Cory dabbled in the histories of the Russian...