Political Science Spotlight

Political Science and EcoGastronomy Majors
Britta McCarthy is a graduating senior dual majoring in political science and ecogastronomy. She is passionate about developing policy to create a more equitable and sustainable agricultural system. She participated in the UNH-in-Italy program and over the past year has conducted independent...
Political Science and International Affairs Majors
Granite Stater Darby O’Neil came to UNH in order to discover the world. She originally wanted to attend a university in Washington, D.C., but ultimately chose UNH because it was a better financial fit for her and her family. But that didn’t stop the political science and international affairs dual...
Political Science M.A. | Paralegal
What are you currently doing for work? Paralegal contractor with FSA, servicing the USAO. I work as a legal support for the attorneys of the Federal District Courts, preparing case files and filing motions in the criminal division. How did your education in COLA prepare you for life after college...
Political Science and Justice Studies Majors
Cameron Brusko grew up in the football rich community of Bethlehem, Pa. However, when it came time to choose a university to attend (and play football), he chose to bring his talents to UNH and Sean “Coach Mac” McDonnell ’78. As a justice studies and political science dual major and Wildcat...
Political Science Major | Government Affairs Coordinator, National Association of Chemical Distributors
Describe what you are currently doing for work and the path you took to get to this point? My current role is as the coordinator of government affairs for the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD). In this role, I split my time evenly between legislative and regulatory affairs. At...
Political Science Major | Analyst at JP Morgan
Please tell us a about yourself and where you are now today. I'm a 2015 graduate of UNH's COLA school. I've been living in NYC for the past 2.5 years post-graduation and working in the financial services industry. Did you have another major and/or minor at UNH? What impact did studying a language...
Political Science Major | Leading the SocialGov Program at the Office of Innovative Technologies at GSA
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Political Science Major | Manager of Policy at Google’s EMEA
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Political Science and Justice Studies Majors | Manager of Institutional Partnerships at Just Vision
Please tell us a about yourself (can be brief) and where you are now today.   I graduated from UNH in May 2013, and am now working in my dream job as the Manager of Institutional Partnerships at Just Vision, a nonprofit...
History and Political Science Majors | 8th Grade American History Teacher
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Political Science Major | Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at New York Law School in Manhattan
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Political Science Major | Runs a Personal Library Branch | Author
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