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Sociology and Justice Studies Majors
Laura Clancy wasn’t sure she wanted to attend UNH. The daughter and sister of former Wildcats, the Rhode Island native initially wanted to attend a larger school, perhaps farther away. But now, looking back on her UNH experience, she knows it was the right choice. “UNH has everything I wanted:...
Sociology Major
Hometown: Somersworth, N.H. What made you choose UNH? UNH has always felt like home to me. My mom graduated from UNH in ‘94 and met my dad here. Also, my older brother graduated in the UNH class of ‘17 and had an amazing college experience, which made me want to come here. Aside from being a UNH...
Sociology Major
Hometown: Plymouth, Minn. What made you choose UNH? I play on the Women’s Ice Hockey team here at UNH, so recruitment was a big part of my choosing process. I stepped onto the UNH campus when I was 15, and it just felt like home. I knew I was going to spend my college years here. Durham is awesome...
Sociology Major
Hometown: Rollinsford, N.H. What made you choose UNH? UNH offers so much academically, socially and professionally. Since I moved to the seacoast area years ago, I knew I wanted to be a part of the UNH environment. In addition to being a student, I also work full-time at the UNH Institute on...
Communication and Sociology Majors | Higher Ed Communications and Marketing
What are some of my strongest memories of UNH? I was relatively shy and started to gain my confidence once I started getting involved with clubs and activities. I never thought I'd join a fraternity, but I ended becoming President of...
Geography and Sociology Majors | Program Support, Higher Ed Academic and Career Advising
I'm a senior program support assistant in Academic and Career Advising at Keene State College. I love working in education and helping students find their place in college, and the world! My UNH degree is dynamic and can be used in many ways, both professionally and personally.
Sociology Major | Alumni Relations Team, Harvard Kennedy School
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Sociology Major | Creator of The Active Workplace
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