Advising and Registration

Registering for Certain Advanced Courses

There is a two-step process required in order to register for several advanced Theatre and Dance courses. These courses are:

  • THDA 691/791, Internship (2-8 cr.)
  • THDA 795/796, Independent Study (1-8 cr.)
  • THDA 795W/796W, Independent Study-Writing Intensive (1-8 cr.)
  • THDA 798 Senior Thesis (2 cr.)
  • THDA 798H Honors / Senior Thesis (4 cr.)
  • THDA 799 Capstone Project (2 cr.)
  • THDA 799H Honors / Capstone Project (4 cr.)

STEP 1: Officially Register For The Course

Students must register by either preregistering for the course through the main office, adding the course themselves online using Webcat, or filling out an Add/Drop slip at the beginning of the semester.

STEP 2: Submit Advanced Course Approval Form

The Advanced Course Approval form must be submitted for each class listed above. This form is a record of what activity the student will be doing for the course, as well as informs the department which faculty member will be supervising (and eventually grading) the student in the course. Without this form on file, the student risks receiving an "F" in the course.

When Can Majors Use Non-Major Courses?

Some Theatre and Dance courses are not open to Theatre and Dance majors. However, if a student takes one of these select classes as a non-major and then decides to become a major, the student’s participation in the course can be used in place of the majors-only version of the course.

The two classes that fall in this category are:

  • THDA 440: Exploring Musical Theatre, which may be used in place of THDA 450 History of Musical Theatre in America
  • THDA 442: Intro to the Art of Acting, which may be used in place of THDA 551: Acting I

Preregistration for Theatre and Dance majors and minors

Preregistration allows Theatre and Dance majors and minors to register for Theatre and Dance courses before the rest of the university begins registering. This way, our majors get priority in registering for the courses they need for their major.

About two weeks before preregistration begins, the main office will send a mass email to all majors and minors (and also post notices around PCAC) announcing the deadlines for preregistration. The following guidelines explain the Theatre and Dance Department's preregistration process:

  1. Pick up a department Preregistration Worksheet in the metal bin outside the department's main office (PCAC, D22). Completely fill out the worksheet. Only list "THDA" courses. Remember to select lab sections for those classes that require them.
  2. Once your form is complete, contact your adviser (if you don't know who your adviser is, check with the main office) and set up a meeting so that you can discuss your courses. Your adviser will then sign your preregistration worksheet.
  3. Bring your signed worksheet to the main office. You will be given your registration access code (RAC). KEEP THIS CODE because you will need it to register for your non-Theatre and Dance classes when your registration window opens.
  4. The day before preregistration opens for the university, you will be registered for your Theatre and Dance courses. When your registration window opens, register for your non-Theatre and Dance courses. Also, double-check to make sure you were registered into the Theatre and Dance courses that you selected.


When selecting your courses for next semester, remember to select lab sections for those classes that require them.

If you plan on preregistering for an independent study or some other type of Theatre and Dance course that requires a sponsor, you MUST fill out an Advanced Course Approval form before the preregistration deadline

If your course is listed as PERMISSION REQUIRED in the Time & Room, you MUST see the professor teaching the course in order to have your name added to their sign-up sheet.

When you register for your non-Theatre and Dance courses, double-check to make sure you were registered into the Theatre and Dance courses that you selected. Sometimes, students will put the course number of a certain course, but will put the CRN (Course Reference Number) of a completely different course.

Make sure there are no holds on your account. If there's a hold on your account, you will not be able to register for courses until the hold is lifted. You can double-check your current status at the university by logging into Webcat. After you've put in PIN and password, select "STUDENT AND FINANCIAL AID," than "REGISTRATION," then "CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION STATUS."

How to Register for 21 Credits per Semester

Due to the "activity" nature of this course, students are allowed one unpaid credit per semester; thus, if you register for 21 credits and 1 credit is practicum  you will not be charged. However, the student MUST petition to be allowed to carry 21 credits per semester.

During preregistration (any course registration taking place before the semester begins), students are limited to 18 credits. Once the semester begins (during the Add/Drop period), students may add an additional 2 credits. In addition, if students are enrolled in one or more practicum courses, they can add an additional credit per semester, bringing the total number of allowable credits per semester to 21.

Pre-Registration: Limited to 18 credits
During Add/Drop Period: Add 2 more credits
During Add/Drop Period: Add 1 more credit if it’s a practicum course

Degree Works Degree Evaluation for Current Students

Degree evaluations are available to students and advisers on Webcat. Information is included on courses used to satisfy major, discovery, writing, and foreign language requirements for baccalaureate students.