Audition Form


Rehearsals will be held six days a week, SUN – FRI, and cast members should expect to be called to all or most rehearsals, for a possible total of about 12 - 24 hours per week. What is your FALL 2019 EVENING/ WEEKEND SCHEDULE? Please list any weekly times you are regularly NOT available for rehearsal during the FALL 2019 semester from 6:00-11:00pm MON-FRI, and 1:00-11:00pm SAT-SUN.

*PLEASE NOTE: In accepting a role, you are committing to ALL rehearsals and performance dates. NO conflicts will be considered that are not documented on this form. It is possible you will not be called for all rehearsals; however, unless otherwise listed above, you MUST be available when called.

For Bright Star auditionees:
All auditionees are expected to be familiar with the demands of the Bright Star script and score, and should be prepared to say any line or lyric and perform any stage direction. Please state clearly which character(s), if any, you would prefer not to be considered for; your comfort level will be respected.
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For Odyssey auditionees
I am creating a script from the poem. I will cast an ensemble, each member of which will be playing multiple roles. Roles will be distributed during early rehearsals, so the cast list will not name any roles. Every member of the ensemble will have a great deal to do. There really are no small roles in this show.