Main Stage Poster Design Contest Guidelines

  • Your design file should be set to HIGH RESOLUTION with a minimum 300 dpi.
  • Poster designs should be portrait orientation.
  • Fonts and images should be on separate layers.
  • When using Photoshop, please do not merge or flatten layers.
  • Please save files in both a .pdf format and a .psd (Photoshop) format
    • If you are not using Photoshop, please create a version with NO TEXT along with your final version with text.
    • Link to Photoshop Download (there is a free trial) 
  • If choosing to use images in design: Please use image stocks resources for high quality images for printable files.
  • Please note that the selected posters may be adjusted to fit two different proportions of Jumbo show poster and Medium show posters.The winning designer will need to work with Jamie Clavet to make sure the design shares the correct information of the production, fits the ideas in the director’s mind, as well as your design concept.
  • Be sure to refer to the show summary, publication blurb, and director’s vision when creating your poster.
  • Winning poster should creatively integrate all of those aspects.
  • Please note that Jamie Clavet has the final authority to adjust the design to meet the needs of the department. Jamie will make every attempt to work with the designer to make these adjustments.
  • Please note that if there is no submission satisfies the production, the THDA main office has the right to not use the design.