Survey Options and Cost

Granite State Panel Survey Options & Cost

The Granite State Panel is a vehicle for groups, agencies, and organizations to learn what Granite Staters think. The Granite State Panel is a new way developed by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center to gather and understand the opinions of New Hampshire residents. Granite State Panel members are recruited from randomly-selected landline and cell phone numbers across New Hampshire and surveys are sent periodically to panel members.

Standalone Surveys

The Granite State Panel is available to use for stand-alone surveys. There are multiple advantages of this approach over a traditional telephone survey, as you can collect data faster and obtain a higher number of completes at a lower price. The data collected on behalf of your organization would be proprietary and held by the Survey Center in strict confidence. Survey prices are dependent upon survey length and the number of completes. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Sean McKinley (  

Omnibus Surveys

In addition to working with clients on standalone polling projects, the UNH Survey Center also conducts its omnibus survey, the Granite State Poll, on a monthly basis. Click here to learn more.