Granite State Poll

In addition to working with individual clients on single issue polling projects, the UNH Survey Center also conducts the Granite State Poll, a quarterly survey of public opinion in the state of New Hampshire. The Granite State Poll is an omnibus survey in which interested groups, agencies, or organizations can purchase one or more questions. In this way, fixed costs are shared. The Granite State Poll is a statewide, scientific survey of public opinion and behavior concerning policy issues. Conducted quarterly, the Poll randomly interviews approximately 500 respondents from across the state.

All adult residents of New Hampshire with a working telephone (including new and unlisted numbers) are eligible for the Granite State Poll. Reports on New Hampshire public opinion written by the Center are made available to legislators, members of the executive branch and other key government officials dealing with public policy as well as the media. Of course, any proprietary data collected by the Survey Center are held in strict confidence.

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