UNH Announces New Liberal Arts Dean

photo of Heidi Bostic Heidi Bostic will assume leadership of the College of Liberal Arts at the University of New Hampshire on June 27, 2016, following the retirement of Dean Kenneth Fuld, who has served in that role, with distinction, for many years.

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Janet Polasky

To mark the holiday celebrating the country’s first president, Washington College announced seven finalists for the prestigious...

J. Pablo Chavajay
Twelve-year-old J. Pablo Chavajay met an American psychology researcher in his small Mayan village. Years later, she would become his mentor.
J. Pablo Chavajay was in a psychology class at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala City when the memory first began nagging him. It was the mid-1980s and he was in his first year at university, the first person from his small Mayan village of San Pedro La Laguna in the highlands of Guatemala to study psychology at the university. The day's class focused on child development, and the professor was showing examples of the tests developmental psychologist Jean Piaget gave to children as part of his research. "I said to myself, 'I've seen this before,'" Chavajay said. "It was bothering me."

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"Frozen" Oscar-winner Jennifer Lee '92 says her UNH liberal arts education was a good fit and a launching pad for her career.

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