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Associate Professor of English Reginald Wilburn has won the John T. Shawcross Award from the Milton Society of America for the book chapter “Of Might and Men: Milton, Frederick Douglass...


photo of Jeff Bolster
In this year’s Lindberg Lecture, historian Jeff Bolster tells the tale of how he became a seaman and a scholar.
As a 10-year-old, Jeff Bolster spent hours curled up reading well-worn hardbacks of "Robinson Crusoe," "Sailing Alone Around the World" and "Swiss Family Robinson." Above him hung a print of a working clipper ship on a foamy sea. So began a lifelong love for the briny deep. Bolster would grow up to spend a decade as a professional seaman — traveling some 50,000 sea miles — before turning to an academic life in history. While he stills sails the seas today, he also writes award-winning books about them.

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"Frozen" Oscar-winner Jennifer Lee '92 says her UNH liberal arts education was a good fit and a launching pad for her career.

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