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The Department of Education has launched an online master of education degree program, 100 years after the department was founded...

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In his new book, Jason Sokol explores the Northeast’s warring heart on race issues, a struggle still playing out today.
In the Northeast, white people tend to think of themselves as progressive in terms of race relations, suggests historian Jason Sokol. After all, the North was on the side of abolition in the 1800s, civil rights in the 1900s, and the first African-American president in the current century. Despite historical facts—the rise of ghettos and school segregation among them—the belief for many is that the Northeast is a model for race relations in America, a mantle Sokol calls the “northern mystique.” In his new book, "All Eyes Are Upon Us: Race and Politics from Boston to Brooklyn," Sokol shows us that the reality is more complicated.

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