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David Rivard has been awarded the Jerome J. Shestack Prize from the American Poetry Review for a group of poems the magazine published in 2013–the prize honors the best poems published...

Sean Thoel in Murkland Hall
The GI Bill launches a veteran’s foray into interdisciplinary research on Stalinist industrialization.
It was in 2011 that Sean Thoel ’16 found his inspiration in concrete. The Navy veteran was fresh off a stint working as a nuclear mechanic on the USS Columbia and working in construction. Thoel’s job was pouring concrete pool decks, a task he was very familiar with—before joining the Navy in 2002, he spent four years working construction in Chicago, spending his days in factories and foundries, building foundations for massive machines. But Thoel wanted something more.

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"Frozen" Oscar-winner Jennifer Lee '92 says her UNH liberal arts education was a good fit and a launching pad for her career.

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