English courses are offered at the elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels.  Students at these levels receive intensive English instruction for 18-20 hours per week in the areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking as well as pronunciation and grammar.  The ESL Institute provides students with a TOEFL score of 60 or above (Internet-based) or 500 or above (paper-based, administered by the ESL Institute), “bridge” courses where students can simultaneously enroll in one to two University of New Hampshire academic classes while continuing to study English for 4-10 hours per week. At these “bridge” levels, students have the opportunity to try academic courses in a supportive environment.

Class Size and Make Up

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All ESL instruction is provided in small, personal classrooms, averaging 12 to 15 students from all around the world.

ESL Faculty

ESL Institute students can be assured that they are getting the highest quality English instruction available. All of our teachers are University of New Hampshire faculty. All have graduate degrees, many have taught and lived abroad, and all have many years of experience teaching English to international students. Our faculty is available to assist students with course assignments and to offer encouragement and advice about strategies for success in an American university.
ESL Faculty

Flexible Enrollment

At the ESL Institute, we provide flexible enrollment times for students: Students have the option of registering for 8 or 16 weeks during the academic school year or for 5 or 10 weeks during the summer sessions. Please click here for more information about our fall term, spring term, or summer term.

Admission to the University of New Hampshire

For those interested in full admission to a University of New Hampshire degree program, a TOEFL score of 80 or above (Internet-based) or 550 or above (paper-based, administered by the ESL Institute) is required. Also, for those students who do successfully gain admittance to the University of New Hampshire, up to 16 credit hours from their work in the ESL Institute can be applied as University of New Hampshire credit. The faculty and staff at the ESL Institute will work individually with students seeking full admission to UNH, helping to ensure that their admission packet is completed in a timely manner for UNH admission review.
UNH Admissions

H.E.L.P Tutoring Group

H.E.L.P. is a group of multilingual international UNH students who have completed English language instruction and who have been trained to give assistance for writing and presentation assignments. HELPers are available for one-on-one conferences to share their knowledge and give advice on assignments from a variety of classes and majors, and because all HELPers are multilingual, conferences can be conducted in a variety of languages!

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