Great Bay Community College English Journalism Transfer Pathway

We have partnered with Great Bay Community College to offer a Pathways Program that allows you to smoothly transition to UNH. This curriculum map shows you the GBCC course sequence you should follow for seamless transfer into our BA in English Journalism degree program.


Students can take these courses at GBCC...

To fulfill these UNH degree requirements

Discovery Courses  
ENGL 110G ENGL 401 - Discovery writing skills course
Writing intensive course (from approved WI Discovery list) Discovery Writing Intensive (WI)
Math elective (from approved QR Discovery list) Discovery Quantitative Reasoning (QR)
Lab Science (from approved BS Discovery list) Discovery Biological Sciences (BS)
Lab Science (from approved PS Discovery list) Discovery Physical Sciences (PS)
Social Science elective (from approved SS Discovery list) Discovery Social Sciences (SS)
Social Science elective (from approved HP Discovery list) Discovery Historical Perspectives (HP)
Social Science elective (from approved WC Discovery list) Discovery World Cultures (WC)
Language/Humanities/Fine Arts Elective (from approved H Discovery list) Discovery Humanities (H)
Language/Humanities/Fine Arts Elective (from approved FPA Discovery list) Discover Fine and Performing Arts (FPA)
Social Science elective (from approved ETS Discovery list) Discovery Environment, Technology and Society (ETS)
Major Courses  
ENGL 127G English Major: ENGL 419 - Introduction to Literary Analysis
ENGL 209G or 220G English Major: ENG 419 - Introduction to Literary Analysis
ENGL 209G or 220G ENGL 515 or 516 - American Literature I or II
ENGL 223G or 224G English Major - ENGL 512 or 514 - British Literature I or II
ENGL 209G, 220G, 223G or 224G English Major - ENGL 515, 516, 512 or 514
Other Courses  
English or general elective English or general elective (click here for a list of English courses approved for English Major credit)
General elective General elective
General elective General elective
Quantitative Reasoning (MATH 145G or MATH 147G) or higher level Math elective MATH 145/147 does not transfer, higher level Math elective transfers as a General elective



At UNH you will complete the following requirements to earn your bachelor's degree

Major Course Requirements
ENGL534 - 21st Century Journalism
ENGL 621 - Writing and Reporting the News I
ENGL 622 - Writing and Reporting the News II
ENGL 631 - Introduction to Digital Reporting

2 Journalism courses from ENGL 623, 703, 708, 711, 712, 722, 723, 724 and 725

ENGL 720 - Journalism Internship
3 Concentration Area Courses
English Elective Dealing with Race
Discovery Program Course Requirements
Discovery Requirements (if needed) *
University Degree Requirements
General Elective Courses to fill remaining credits required for bachelor's degree (128 total)
University writing requirement**
Two semesters of an introductory foreign language***
Inquiry Course, 444 Seminar or Course with INQ attributes (if needed)


* Click here for more information about UNH’s Discovery Program and a list of approved Discovery courses offered at GBCC.

** Bachelor degree candidates are required to complete four writing-intensive courses, which must include: English 401- First Year Writing (or ENGL 110G at GBCC) and three additional writing intensive courses, one in the student’s major and one at the 600-level or above.

*** Students can fulfill the foreign language requirement by: A) Completing one full year of introductory level courses in any foreign language, including American Sign Language, as long as they did not study the language for 2 or more years in high school, or B) Completing one semester or an intermediate- or advanced-level foreign language course.


Also note:
UNH accepts a maximum of 72 credits in transfer from 2-year institutions. Only courses completed with a grade of C or better will be accepted as transfer credits.