• photo of breakdancing and school

    Peopling of New England

    Professor Blake Gumprecht is working on a book about immigration to New England over the last 12,000 years.

  • photo of street in Segovia, Spain

    Learning in Place

    Geography major Robin Bergstrom studied in Spain. Geography majors are encouraged to study abroad because there is no better way to learn about a place.

  • students working on map

    Map your Future

    A geography major interns with UNH’s campus planning office. Many geography majors complete internships, learning new skills and gaining invaluable work experience.

  • Jason Dunion

    Hurricane Hunter

    Alum Jason Dunion flies into hurricanes in a specially designed jet to better understand these powerful storms.

    Learn more.

  • photos of food

    Cornucopia of Place

    Professor Blake Gumprecht uses food to teach geography.

    Learn more.

Geography Brochure


No events listed.

State Climatologist

The New Hampshire State Climatologist is a geography faculty member. Visit the New Hampshire State Climate Office.

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