Alynna Lyon

Truth has been weaponized. Indeed, the manipulation of truth and information, or what is often referred to as "disinformation," is increasingly an instrument of foreign policy. According to a recent ‘White Paper’ by the US Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff the use of misinformation in world politics is increasing and more impactful. A recent Oxford University study reveals the number of countries actively involved in information manipulation is increasing. The tactic of the manipulation of truth is foundational in the foreign affairs of Russia, China, Turkey, Brazil, and India. In Spring 2022, POLT560 students will conduct a mini-research project on “The Weaponization of Truth: An Exploration” and examine topics pertaining to truth and misinformation in world politics. Participants will research, create and draft a video to be displayed at a “We Hold these Truths” event in April in Concord, NH. This involves writing a research paper, presenting information to the class, and creating a National Parks-like information video.