Covid Diaries


  • Rebecca Nann CCSNH, NHTI/Concord 
  • Melissa Sprague NHTI


  • Paula Delbonis-Platt (NHTI)


A CCSNH Virtual Symposium a day of scholarly exploration delving into COVID-19 and its effects on our world. CCSNH student scholars presented results from their research on a wide variety of COVID-related topics. Faculty, staff and students came together to learn about (and reflect on) an experience that is deeply affecting us all. In addition to being a showcase for community college student scholarship, the symposium highlighted the ways in which different sets of scholarly tools (from natural sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities) can illuminate different aspects of the human experience. Eleven students presented oral histories of living through the pandemic. Trained in the art of storytelling by Dawn DeAngelis, vice-president and chief content officer for NH Public Television, the students arranged to interview individuals of various backgrounds and professions who were affected by the virus. Inspired by public radio’s StoryCorps concept, the students explore the importance of creating an archive of the human experience in the COVID-19 pandemic.


Please check out their Spring 2021 Symposium program and their covid series of covid diaries interviews.