Nichole Brazelton

“Narratives of Nurses and Healers” is a course that challenges students to consider how the narrative form (story) intersects with healthcare, specifically the nursing profession and patient care. We will explore how different forms of narrative shape our perceptions of truth, who has access to those narrative “truths,” and how social narratives can influence what we believe to be true about our own identity. Students examine the use of literature, film, creative non-fiction, and autoethnography in shaping the role, relationship, and experience of both caregiver and patient. Students will engage in their own story compositions through the development of biographies of under-represented nurses/healers, personal narratives of self, and counter-narratives for advocacy. All assignments will become part of a course website that will remain live after the course ends – opening the door for our course work to become a narrative of truth for nurses, caregivers, and patients.