2023 Summer Fellows

GRSIL / NHHC Summer 2023 Internships

External Internships:

Ila Bartenstein

Racial Unity Team – Arts in Action

“By looking at trends in types, frequency, and locations of different bullying events since 2015, I was able to locate potential schools for the RUT to implement their Arts in Action program, which teaches tolerance and inclusion through art and poetry. Hearing individuals from different age groups and backgrounds discuss the untold stories they wanted to share through their art was inspiring, and it showed me that the work I was doing in my room on a computer would leave an impact on many people across the state.”

Ashley Cierri

Waysmeet Center – Food Justice coordinator

“Taking on this project has taught me that I am capable of being a leader of something that I might not be the most confident in if I properly prepare and dedicate myself to the project.”

Miles Liu

Indonesian Community Connect

“Through this internship I gained a new perspective of Indonesian Culture and the importance of cultural awareness, which ties into my Psychology major through mental health awareness and the effect of cultural diversity in a western society. My marketing skills, computer skills, and management skills were all benefited from this experience. At the end of my internship, I was awarded a certificate signed by Raude Raychel, NH State Senator David Watters, and the Mayor of Dover Robert Carrier for ‘cultural management, change management, and sociocultural affairs’.”

Grace Bell

BLM Seacoast

“This fellowship began as a position in which I was a facilitator for the BLM Seacoast Youth Division and their meetings, and turned into so much more … This fellowship also provided me an opportunity to work for a graphic design brand, Lilac and Aspen. The owner, Victoria Carrington, works for BLM Seacoast as a graphic artist and designer, as well as a social media content creator and editor. She offered me a 6-week internship with her after we met working in marketing for BLM Seacoast, and I was able to learn in more detail about marketing, social media, small business ownership, and brand development.”

Elizabeth Miller

NH Humanities

This fellowship was a wonderful experience, which allowed me not only to gain confidence in the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired in my last two years as a political science student and in the last year as a survey research minor, but also revealed the intersection of public service and the survey research field, and cemented that I want to continue further with analysis and survey design to help contribute to solving complex social, humanities, and political problems I find important.”

Alexia Heriaud

Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire

“I learned how to create zines, form educational instagram posts, write blogs, and work on adding information to the document which the fund uses to catalog all of their information from previous years and interns … The accomplishment that was most important and meaningful for me has to have been the publishing of my blog post on the RFFNH website, as I have never had a piece of my writing posted truly anywhere for other readers.”

Carly Brady

Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire

Arin Henderson

Seacoast NH LGBTQ Oral History Project

“advocating for intersectional feminism and LGBTQ+ rights is what I wanted to do with my life … I wanted to learn more about the specific people at UNH who fought for LGBTQ+ rights. Reading not only the articles focused on the GSO [Gay Students Organization in 1973], but also the letters written by closeted students describing what they’ve gone through, really made a difference in my perspective on how progress was made in a place like my hometown after the Stonewall Riots.”

Internal Student-Faculty Research Collaborations, UNH & CCSNH

Laura Allen (UNH), with Professor Amy Michael

“Identification of Historical Burials and Development of Mock Burial Training”

Paige Kaufman (UNH), with Professor April Bailey

“Grammatical Gender Influencing Cultural Bias”

Charlotte King (CCSNH) & Sadie Marston (UNH), with Professor Paul Robertson

“Greco-Roman Philosophy and Gender Fluidity”

Rebecca Nann (CCSNH) & Melissa Sprague (UNH), with Professor Krista Jackman

“The Many Faces of New Hampshire’s Housing Crisis”

Sofia Sylvestri (UNH), with Professor Boli Reyes-Jaquez

“Children's Reasoning about Social Power”