2024 JROP Scholars

2024 January Research Opportunity Program (JROP) Scholars

  • Anna Anderson, with Professor Dante Scala (Political Science), Education and Ideology Literature Review/Research”
  • Sonya Endrizzi, with Professor Susan Wager (Art & Art History), “Turner’s Slave Ship: Understanding the Life of an Object”
  • Karter Hanley, with Professor Tejas Aralere (Classics), A cultural, grammatical, and literary commentary on Ammianus Marcellinus’ Res Gestae 23.6.67-68”
  • Claire Hobbs, with Professor Alexis Broderick (History), “Jewish History of the New Hampshire Seacoast”
  • Liberty Laarman, with Professor Mauricio Pulecio (Languages, Literatures and Cultures), “Katniss Everdeen, the Girl Who Cries: A Book-to-Film Comparison on Female Subjectivity and Corrupt Government Using Althusser’s Ideological State Apparatus in The Hunger Games”
  • Benjamin Menard, with Professor Michael Leese (History), “Revealing Socioeconomic Inequity in Classical Greece”
  • Emily Mezick, with Professor Alynna Lyon (Political Science), “A Reflection on United States Legislation to Mitigate Human Trafficking”
  • Jillienne Robinson-Warren, with Professor Scott Smith (Classics), An Exploration in Gendered Invective: Gender, Class, and the “Whore” in Cicero”
  • Katie Sullivan, with Professor Kevin Healey (Communication), “AI in English Education: Helpful or Hurtful?”
  • David Wilson, with Professor Paul Robertson (Classics), “Conflict Motif Within Biblical Literature”
  • Joy Woolley, with Professor Paul Robertson (Classics), Lost in Translation: Examining the Characterization of Briseis in Homer’s Iliad and Contemporary Retellings”