Racial Unity Team & Portsmouth Public Library  Internships


  • Erin Luckern
  • Catie Moloney (GBCC)


  • Emily M. Hinnov (Great Bay, CCSNH)
  • Cindy Walton (Great Bay, CCSNH)


This project accomplished the organization and development of an internship at the Portsmouth Public Library and the Racial Unity Team. The internship involved a combination of learning, service, research, cultural integration, activism, citizenship, and democracy, as well as art and humanistic expression through archival, activist, and communications work.  

At Racial Unity Team, the intern spent time organizing the organization’s systems, communications, and outreach as well as the main summer event, the Art Poetry Challenge. The Art Poetry Challenge hosted the submissions in a virtual gallery.  

At Portsmouth Public Library, the intern worked with a Special Collections Librarian. The project they focused on over the summer was to review the library’s displays, art, and artefacts collection held by the library. Informational signage was in line with their diversity, equity, and inclusion policies and goals.  

Student Reflections

“I benefitted in so many ways from this internship … I was included in much larger meetings where I got to learn about other projects the team is working on. I found networking opportunities there as well and learned other ways to get involved in social justice on a local basis –which is a big deal for me. I’m very passionate about social justice work and I want to learn more ways to get involved.” 

- Erin Luckern 

“It gave me an opportunity to expand my research skills. I had not done much research using primary sources and archival documents, having mostly used academic journals for my assignments at Great Bay. It was also a chance to learn more about my community’s history of colonization, racism, slavery, and similar issues. This context, I believe, will be relevant to me no matter what academic or professional path I pursue. A dedication to the truth and telling suppressed stories will always be relevant to all of us.” 

- Catie Moloney