Social History of Civil Rights


  • Alec Momenee-DuPrie - GBCC
  • Kieran Mulligan - UNH Anthropology and Classics


  • Jordan Fansler - GBCC 
  • Eleanor Harrison-Buck  - UNH Department Chair of Anthropology


This internship was a crucial beginning phase to a long-term research project. The goal for the summer internship was to catalog the most important civil rights struggles that occurred in specific states in the west. This student interns conducted research for a new book aimed to portray the civil rights movement of the mid-20th century as a nationwide revolution –one that challenged racial oppression, and upended communities, through every corner of the country.

The internship started by compiling a list of the major events of the civil rights struggle in the West and Midwest, from roughly 1940 –1975.The research focused on instances of direct-action protest that manifested in the West beginning in the large cities known to have had vibrant movements: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, and Seattle. Later expending into more next layer of cities, including San Diego, Pasadena, Berkeley, Portland, Spokane, Denver and Las Vegas.