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Language is an integral part of human identity. As a Linguistics major, you’ll study language, from its inner parts — how do sounds, words and sentences work? — to its interactions with society on a local and global scale. You’ll learn about languages around the world, and the forces that cause them to change, to spread and to become endangered. You’ll explore the mystery of how we acquire languages. You’ll develop critical thinking and analytical skills, putting you on the path to a wide range of careers, from teaching to technology, health fields to law, and national security to international affairs.


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  • photo of Claire FitzMorris in Morocco
    Linguistics and International Affairs Majors | Peace Corps, Master's Student
    Claire FitzMorris was a University of New Hampshire undergraduate student, studying abroad in Spain, when an excursion to a new location changed her life.
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  • photo of Hayden Stinson
    Linguistics and Spanish Majors
    As a linguistics major, I am interested in the scientific study of the ways that language functions in the world. Through coursework and time as a research assistant in the linguistics program at UNH, I read about and worked on projects relating to social identity and language variation in New England. In the summer of 2020, I decided to conduct an independent research project with a Summer…
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