Nossrat Yassini Poetry Festival

Nossrat Yassini Poetry Festival



The Nossrat Yassini Poetry Festival at UNH will celebrate the power of poetry to unify, bring people together, and build a better community. Poetry is the oldest literary art form and the one we turn to in times of great joy, sorrow, and inspiration. Because we treasure and remember the poems that have influenced our lives, celebrating poetry can bring us together in uniquely powerful ways.  

This world class festival will bring together poets, students, teachers, and poetry lovers of all kinds to experience the poetic richness of New Hampshire and the New England community.

Hamilton Smith Hall | April 12th - 14th, 2024


Award Category Prize Amount
Prize for First Published Book of Poetry $10,000
Prize for an Upcoming New England Poet $5,000 award to the poet
and publication of a book
Best Poems by USNH Students

$1000 to each of two first-place prize winners
$500 to each of two second-place prize winners

Festival High School Poetry Award $500 to each of three winners
High School Teacher Award

$2,500 to each of three winners

Diannely Antigua Named First Nossrat Yassini Poet in Residence

Diannely Antigua


The Nossrat Yassini Poetry Festival