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Inclusive teaching supports equitable access to learning for all students. UNH Academic Technology Instructional Design and Development created a self-paced course on Inclusive Teaching focusing on course content, teaching practices, and interactions. The goals of the course are to increase awareness of inclusive and culturally responsive practices, and positively impact student retention. The open, online, self-paced course shares practical tips for inclusive teaching and offers faculty the opportunity to reflect on their practice. No registration is needed, participation is free and open.

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Attend the GRSIL Workshop April 19 12:30-2pm


Upcoming Spring 2022 Workshops

Building Inclusive Communities Through Intergroup
Wednesday, March 9th - 11:10-12:20pm EST

This presentation will focus on intergroup dialogue in U.S. universities, organizations, and communities. Dr. Ruiz-Mesa will present exemplars of her research and program leadership, including co-cultural communication practices of Chief Diversity Officers, inclusive pedagogy in general education courses, and community conversations with undocumented students. Her talk will theorize expanding notions of organizational diversity, equity, and inclusion from intersectional approaches to facilitate productive dialogue and deliberation to create more inclusive communities.

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Able-Bodied Privilege, Ableism and Disability Justice
Thursday, March 31 - 12:40-2:00pm (online)

Learn about able-bodied privilege and disability justice with Joelle Ryan, Senior Lecturer, Women's and Gender Studies. 
This is a continuing education session open to all who have attended a past Social Justice Education program.

The session will offer participants a chance to gain a deeper understanding of ableism through reflection and dialogue. 
We encourage all who wish to further their understanding of the systems impacting people experiencing
disability and consider ways in addressing those, to attend this virtual workshop.

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CEITL Spring 2022 Opportunities and Services

Talk About Teaching Workshops

During the academic year, the Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CEITL) offers a series of "Talk About Teaching Workshops” on topics of interest to faculty, staff, postdocs, and graduate students, and all are invited to participate. We hope you will be able to attend one or more of the six sessions offered this spring. Below is the current list of Talk About Teaching sessions. Refer to additional details and to register at our website.

  • This Spring, all sessions will again be conducted via Zoom. Those registered will receive a Zoom invite one day prior to the scheduled session.
  • Time for all sessions is 12:40 – 2pm
  • CEITL Participation: 1 point to all enrolled in the CEITL Participation Certificate Program (details below)



Wed: 3/9/22

Active Learning – One Size Does Not Fit All: The ICAP (Interactive, Constructive, Active, and Passive) Approach Can Help Inform Your Design and Promote Student Learning

Wed: 3/23/22

Feedback Can Promote Learning: How to Deliver it With Effect

Wed: 3/30/22

Leverage Technology to Facilitate Student Feedback

Wed: 4/6/22

Navigating Difficult Classroom Experiences

Thurs: 4/7/22

Integrating Sustainability Into Courses: Examples From Across Colleges

Thurs: 4/21/22

Promoting Active Learning: Strategies to Engage Our Students with Effective Class Lectures and Group Discussions (Part 2)


Teaching and Learning Themed Special Interest Group (T-SIG) Meetings

CEITL will host again this Spring a 4-part semester-long workshop series on a themed topic related to teaching and learning. During each of the hour-long workshops, CEITL staff will work closely with participants on theme-related workshop activities specifically designed for their courses. 

The theme for this series is:

Helping Your Students to Study Smarter Not Longer or Harder: Embed Learning Activities in Your Course That Meet Your Learning Goals & Objectives

  • This Spring, all sessions will be conducted via Zoom. Those registered will receive a Zoom invite one day prior to the scheduled session.
  • Time for all sessions is 12:40pm – 1:40pm

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CEITL Teaching and Learning Book Club

Beginning with the Spring 2022 semester, CEITL will launch our Teaching and Learning Book club. The CEITL Book Club is a 4-session series on a book related to teaching and learning. During each of the hour-long discussions we will explore the themes from the book and how you might apply what you have learned in your courses.

The book for this semester is:

Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning

By: Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger III, Mark A. McDaniel

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Fundamentals of Online Instruction

A three-week (approximately 3 hours per week) is an online, asynchronous course for faculty who will be developing an online course and teaching online for the first time. FOI helps prepare you for teaching online, gives you a jumpstart in creating a course plan for a course you will be teaching, and gives you the experience of taking an asynchronous online course as a student.

Date: Monday February 7th, 2022
Facilitator: Xuan Cai, CEITL Learning Architect



Fundamental of Online Delivery

This asynchronous two-week online course is designed for instructors assigned to teach a course online for the first time. The course focuses on delivery and facilitation of online courses, rather than design. The content of this course is also a part of the longer Fundamentals of Online Instruction course, so you need not take both.

Date: Monday February 7th, 2022
Facilitator: Mike McIntire, CEITL Learning Architect



Fundamentals of Active Learning

This course comprises two weeks of asynchronous online modules and an optional synchronous, hands-on component for TEAL technology training (required to use the TEAL classrooms). Get simple and adaptable active learning strategies that you can immediately incorporate into your current syllabus, and prepare for teaching in a Technology-Enabled Active Learning Classroom.

Date: Monday February 7, 2022
Facilitator: Scott Kimball, CEITL Learning Architect



Innovation Lab: Increasing Student Motivation with Online Tools

This will be a Zoom-only workshop, with hands-on activities. Learners will be asked to participate in hands-on portions of the workshop by working in their own canvas sandbox course. We will investigate instructional methods and explore some of the factors that influence student motivation. We will look at tools available online and in canvas that you can use to help increase student motivation.

Tools we will explore include:

  • Credly- This is a canvas integrated badging tool that you can use for students in your courses
  • Choice Boards- We will explore some tools for creating choice boards, and using them with Canvas, with a focus on student motivation

Date: Wednesday March 23, 2022
TIme: 11:00AM-12:30PM OR 6:00PM-7:30PM
Facilitator: Fran Keefe, CEITL Learning Architect



Writing Programs

White Mountain Writing Faculty Retreat sponsored by the UNH Writing Program. Open to Writing-Invested Faculty (tenured, tenure-track, non-tenure-track, lecturers, adjunct, clinical, etc.)

Dates: June 5-8, 2022
Location: Mount Washington Hotel
Applications Due: March 1, 2022

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Individual Consultation

If you would like to discuss any matter related to teaching and learning in your course(s), click to schedule an Individual Consultation request and we will get back to you. We are available to talk by phone or via a Zoom meeting.


Midcourse Assessment Program (MAP)

CEITL coordinates a service by which faculty can receive feedback about their students’ learning in their course. MAPs are available for your courses for any course modality. The primary benefit of a MAP is that it provides information about your students’ perceptions of the course in time for adjustments to be made if deemed necessary. An added benefit is that your students are given a strong message that you are interested in knowing how they are doing in the course. The online MAP form is a Qualtrics web-based form.

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Teaching and Learning Resource Hub

A UNH website for a one-stop collection of resources for planning for teaching & learning. Here you can select resources to directly search for websites, articles, tutorials, videos, reports and other materials. Follow this link to arrive at the Resource Hub website.


CEITL Participation Certificate

CEITL welcomes enrollment in a CEITL Participation Certificate for UNH faculty, staff, and graduate students. The certificate recognizes participation in a variety of teaching- and learning-related activities. There are many UNH colleagues who participate in activities related to teaching and learning, and we are pleased to offer a certificate in recognition to their commitment. Website.

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