Thinking About Law School

    Where to Begin

    The following steps may help you to investigate your interest in a legal education:

    • Research realities related to a law degree--possible career choices, anticipated debt, lifestyle choices, etc. Is it the best fit for your skills and interests?
    • Research law schools using the LSAC Official Guide to ABA Approved Law Schools.
    • Visit the Law School Locator Table created by Boston College, to get an idea of places you might apply.
    • Register with the UNH Pre-Law Office to receive updates on guest speakers and events at UNH.
    • Network, in person! Attend an LSAC Forum, law school fairs, and visit any law school you can to just walk around and chat! A good handshake and professional social skills are still valued. Send a thank you note to each school after any contact whatsoever.
    • Meet with practicing attorneys and law school graduates, and ask them about their education and career. Join UNH alumni groups, and conduct informational interviews.
    • After you've done some research, meet with the UNH Pre-Law Advisor, or a member of the UNH Pre-Law Advising Committee, to discuss your interests and options.

    When to Begin

    • Applications and Deadlines
      • Typically, applications to law school are submitted in the fall semester prior to the academic year you wish to matriculate.
      • Many law schools will post deadlines of March or April, but applicants are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible, preferably before Dec 1st. This is because many law schools have "rolling admission," which means they will consider applications as they arrive.
      • In November and December, the applicant pool is much smaller, and therefore there is less competition for space.
      • It is also advisable to have taken the LSAT¬† before October of the year prior to enrollment.
    • LSAT
      • The LSAT is now offers several test dates, and it will always be an in-person, paper and pencil test.
      • When choosing your test date, look to the three months prior and determine if you can commit to serious, intense test preparation and study during that time.
      • Learn as much as you can about the LSAT, how it is administered, and how it is scored before you jump into test preparation.

    What to choose for your UNH Major

    • See what the American Bar Association (ABA) and the UNH Pre-Law Committee have to say on this subject.

    Schedule an appointment

    • Schedule an appointment
    • The Pre-Law Advising Office is located in COLA Dean's Office, in Murkland Hall.

    Additional Information

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