• There is no pre-law major at the University of New Hampshire
  • American Bar Association (ABA) does not recommend any specific undergraduate major or curriculum for law school admission.
  • The suggestion given by ABA and law schools alike is to take challenging courses from demanding professors, take as many writing intensive courses as you can fit into your schedule, and of course do well in all of them!

Here's what the ABA says about majors and classes (from "Preparation for Legal Education," by the ABA):

"Students who are successful in law school come to their legal education from widely differing educational and experiential backgrounds. Some have majored in subjects that are traditionally considered paths to law school, such as history, English, philosophy, political science, economics, or business. Other successful law students, however, have focused their undergraduate studies in areas as diverse as art, music, computer science, engineering, nursing, or education."

The ABA goes on to describe "core skills and values" necessary for law students and lawyers.

This list includes:

  • Critical Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Oral Communication and Listening Abilities
  • General Research Skills
  • Task Organization and Managment Skills
  • The Values of Serving Others and Promoting Justice

However, many prelaw students will still ask, "What classes should I take?" There are many UNH classes that support development of the above skills and values, and that promote a broad, liberal, diverse, and challenging program of study--probably the best preparation for law school. The list below offers some examples; this is not an exhaustive list. 

Suggested UNH Courses

Please understand that you do not have to complete these classes for law school admission purposes.  These courses may not be offered every semester.

  • CMN 504 Intro. to Argumentation
  • CMN 600 Public Speaking as a Civic Act
  • ECON 401 Principles of Macro Economics
  • ECON 402 Principles of Micro Economics
  • ENGL 419 Intro. to Critical Analysis
  • ENGL - any upper-level English literature or writing class
  • HIST 509 Law in American Life
  • HIST 609 Special Topics in American Legal History
  • HIST 679 Rights Revolution
  • HUMA 730 Great Trials in Western History
  • JUST 501 Research Methods
  • JUST 550 Mock Trial
  • LAW 475 Getting Ready to Succeed in Law School 
  • PHIL 401 Intro. to Philosophy
  • PHIL 412 Beginning Logic
  • PHIL 430 Society and Morals
  • PHIL 530 Moral Philosophy
  • PHIL 635 Philosophy of Law
  • PHIL 740 Adv. Topics in Philosophy of Law
  • POLT 407 Law and Society
  • POLT 502 American Public Policy
  • POLT 508 Supreme Court and the Constitution
  • POLT 513 Civil Rights and Liberties
  • THDA 442 Intro. to Acting
  • And many others


UNH Prelaw Committee

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Accelerated Programs

UNH offers two accelerated programs that allow you to earn both a bachelor's degree and law degree at UNH in six years instead of seven, saving you time and money:

English/Law 3+3
History/Law 3+3