Undergraduate Information

The courses offered by the Department of Art and Art History provide an opportunity, within the liberal arts framework, for students to acquire a thorough knowledge of the basic means of visual expression, to study intensively the history of art, or to prepare themselves for a career in art teaching. In addition, these courses offer foundation experience for students who are interested in art but are majoring in other departments in the University.

The Department of Art and Art History offers programs leading to a bachelor of arts degree in either studio art or art history and a bachelor of fine arts degree in studio art. Certification for art teaching in the public schools is also offered in cooperation with the Department of Education.



Double Option

Students can elect to receive a B.A. in the Arts with both the Studio Art option and the Art History option. Students must complete the requirements for both options; no more than 8 credits used to satisfy one option can be used as requirements for the other option. Please contact your advisor for more information.

The University reserves the right to retain selections from a student’s work for a period of not more than two years.

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