The Responsible Governance and Sustainable Citizenship Project (RGSCP) is an initiative at the University of New Hampshire that promotes ethics, citizenship, principled leadership, responsible governance and the creation of sustainable institutions. It provides opportunities for students and citizens of New Hampshire to learn how to be involved citizens and members of ethical, responsible, and productive communities, businesses and organizations by bringing the past into dialogue with the present in order to inform the future.

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The project uses the humanities to investigate ethics and citizenship, as well as partners with other programs across the university, like the Sustainability Institute, to include as many students as possible from all backgrounds. It is part of the classics program, the unit responsible for the university's teaching and research on the civilizations of the Greeks and Romans and their deep influence on later time periods. RGSCP and the classics program supports a variety of teaching, research, programming and engagement activities across the campus with the intention of expanding successful initiatives to the rest of the University System of New Hampshire. The project also looks for opportunities to support related curriculum and outreach at elementary and secondary schools across the state.

Funding comes from a $5 million endowment created by the N.H. Secretary of State's Office and the Center for Public Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship. The funds to establish the endowment come from a settlement reached between the New Hampshire Securities Bureau and Tyco International, LTD in 2002.

Recent Events and Initiatives

"This new endowment funds a timely and innovative venture that will ensure that responsible citizenship, ethics and proper governance will be central to the lives of our students and faculty both now and in the future. Initially the project will illuminate these important topics through the liberal arts, but as we scale it up and spread it out we will be pursuing partnerships on and off campus and acting as a model for other educational institutions across the state, region and nation."
—Stephen Trzaskoma, professor of classics at UNH and director of the Responsible Governance and Sustainable Citizenship Project

"We are very pleased that a portion of the Tyco International, Inc. settlement is being used to create an endowment that will promote ethics and citizenship at UNH and across the state. A recent report from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences highlighted the importance of the humanities in preparing citizens of the future, and the strength of our classics program and its faculty makes it a great choice to lead this project, encouraging today's citizens and business leaders to learn from the past."
—Mark Huddleston, president of the University of New Hampshire

Referenced report.

"The RGSCP is the next step in a unique journey of the university's leadership in sustainability. Years of collaboration between the wisdom and perspective of the classics and the urgency of unprecedented challenges in sustainability have resulted in an initiative that will serve our students and our state for generations to come. Sustainability provides a novel context for re-examining the enduring questions of democracy, citizenship and a life well-lived, and that can only be accomplished through this kind of novel partnership."
—Tom Kelly, chief sustainability officer of the University of New Hampshire