RGSCP Youth Programs

FLI attendees sit for a discussion in a cafe

The Responsible Governance and Sustainable Citizenship Project strongly values the development of young minds and therefore is happy to support a number of outreach programs for promising high school students. We hope to meet many young scholars at some of the events and programs we host and support!

  • Future Leaders Institute: Founded in 2014, The Future Leaders Institute offers a residential philosophy camp at UNH for thoughtful high-school students to discuss big ideas in a collaborative environment while making friends and enjoying summer in coastal New Hampshire.  The theme for 2024 is Technology and the Future of Humanity, and we will discuss various topics related to human progress, artificial intelligence, automated labor, advanced weaponry, social media and big data, gaming and virtual reality, space exploration and colonization, and the search for alien intelligence. 

  • HYPE: HYPE, or “Hosting Young Philosophy Enthusiasts,” was founded by Souhegan seniors in 2009 as an opportunity for high school students to have meaningful philosophical discussions centered on philosophical topics centered on ethics and civil discourse. This unique event is an authentic high school student conference created, designed, and led by high school students for high school students.

  • JV Socratic Society: The UNH Socratic Society, an undergraduate student-run discussion group that meets weekly at The Freedom Café in Durham to thoughtfully discuss current events, social and political topics, and interesting ideas from a philosophical perspective, recently founded the JV Socratic Society. This RGSCP-supported organization is a partnership with neighboring Oyster River High School that provides a similar creative environment for deep discussion and building community.